An Astrologer Reveals What Being Born On A Cusp Really Means

An Astrologer Reveals What Being Born On A Cusp Really Means

Born on the cusp? You’re in good company. So were, according to Stars Insider, Rihanna (Aquarius/Pisces), Nicole Kidman (Gemini/Cancer), Brad Pitt (Sagittarius/Capricorn), and Selena Gomez (Cancer/Leo). While being born on the dividing line of two astrological signs doesn’t guarantee you a grammy or a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame, it does give you a certain astrological depth. The List talked exclusively with Phoenix Knor’malle, an astrologer and psychic advisor at Knor’malle confirmed to us what you might have long suspected. “People born on a cusp display attributes from both signs,” they explained, “sometimes they may resonate more strongly to one of the two signs, regardless of which one they actually ‘fall under.'”

Knor’malle’s advice: don’t be frustrated about not knowing which horoscope sing to read. Instead, rejoice! “It may be advantageous to read horoscopes for both of the signs that you were born around so that you can intuitively ‘pick and choose’ which qualities make the most sense for your life,” says Knor’malle.”Typically, being born on a cusp is a good thing, as it can bring out the best in both signs.” 

How being born on a cusp can effect your life

Knor’malle urged us to conceptualize where we fall on the Zodiac, with what life lessons you have to learn. “For example,” they explained, “being born at the very beginning of Virgo season, or the very end of Leo season can roughly indicate how far you’ve ‘advanced’ into the lessons that the sign has to teach you on a spiritual level.”

All of that’s to say: if you’re on the cusp between two zodiac signs, you may be transitioning from one set of life lessons to another. “The sign you are moving away from represents what your soul has already mastered,” says Knor’malle, “whereas the sign you are moving into symbolizes the lessons that your soul needs to learn in this lifetime.” 

Someone like Dua Lipa, who was born on the Leo/Virgo cusp, might display Leo traits naturally. They’d be, per Cosmopolitan, high-spirited, self-confident, and loyal. On the other hand, according to Knor’malle, they’d need to “learn how to embrace the energy of Virgo and learn the lessons found within that sign.” In this way, life is likely to put them in situations that challenge them to develop “Virgo’s virtues,” or, according to Allure: logic, diligence, and idealism.

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