Woman compares face mask to a bra in video showing how to properly wear one

Woman compares face mask to a bra in video showing how to properly wear one

You wouldn’t wear a bra with one boob uncovered? So why are people wearing their masks not covering their full face?

This is the point Denise Mejia is trying to get across in a now-viral TikTok video, comparing the two in an effort to help people understand.

Using a crop top as a makeshift bra, she pulls it down underneath her breasts to show that it’d be ineffective, simultaneously pulling down her mask under her nose.

The funny video then shows her unhooking one side of the mask from her ear to leave her face exposed, while pulling the ‘bra’ underneath one breast. See how silly it seems when you think about it?

The video has been viewed over 360,000 times now, with comments pouring in praising the analogy.

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One person said, ‘such a good reference’ while another said ‘this is hilarious’.

It comes as face masks are due to become compulsory in shops in England from 24 July.

Those who fail to comply with the new rules could face fines of £100, with the rules stating that face coverings need to cover both the mouth and nose.

This won’t be instead of social distancing, but should be an added measure to prevent the spread of the disease, as the face coverings help stop people with the virus giving it to others.

As Denise’s video shows, though, they do need to be worn properly for this protection to work.

Photographs released over the last few months have shown people trying to subvert mask rules by wearing theirs as everything from eye masks to necklaces or chin-straps.

Hopefully looking on the more humorous side of things can help to bring the message home that we all need to do our bit, and that means wearing masks and coverings correctly.

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