How coffee affect our sense of taste – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

How coffee affect our sense of taste – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Coffee influences the taste perception

For many people, the coffee in the Morning, fixed in the daily schedule. The influence may be your sense of taste, the least in the sense. A research team at the Danish Aarhus University could now demonstrate, however, that both the perception of sweet foods, as well as of bitter food is changed by the coffee-enjoyment.

Coffee, according to the current study, a quite surprising effect on the sense of taste: Bitter taste after the coffee consumption is less bitter and sweet even sweeter, report Researchers from the Danish Aarhus University in the journal “Foods”. The study throw a new light on the sense of taste and smell.

Sweet and bitter taste

The researchers studied the sense of smell and taste of 156 test subjects before and after drinking coffee. They found no changes of the sense of smell, but the sense of taste was impaired, according to the researchers, significantly. “When people were tested after coffee, they reacted more sensitive to Sweetness and less sensitive to bitterness,” says Prof. Alexander Wieck Fjældstad in a press release from the Aarhus University, the study’s results.

The sense of taste easily influenced?

To exclude that the caffeine in the coffee resulted in the changes of the sense of taste, repeated to the researchers, the Experiment with decaffeinated coffee, but the result remained the same. Probably some of the bitter compounds in the coffee responsible for the effect, so Prof. Fjældstad. It was quite a Surprise that the registry can be affected of Sweetness and bitterness so easily.

Better understanding of the sense of taste

The identified impact on the sense of taste may also explain why the taste of a piece of dark chocolate to the coffee is much milder, because the bitterness will played down and the Sweetness amplifies, explains Prof. Fjældstad. The study will enable a better understanding of how our taste buds work Bud, even if further research work was required. The Knowledge gained could then be possibly used to reduce the sugar and calorie content in our food clearly. (fp)