Baby Makes 3! Adorable Photos of Ashley Tisdale's Baby Bump

Baby Makes 3! Adorable Photos of Ashley Tisdale's Baby Bump


Ashley Tisdale announced that she and her husband, Christopher French, were expecting their first child in September 2020. The couple, who tied the knot in September 2014, shared the exciting news by posting caption-less photos that showed off Tisdale’s baby bump.

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It’s a …

… girl!

Tisdale shared photos from their low-key sex reveal party, including the exact moment she found out she’s carrying a daughter. 

Tisdale looked shocked and ecstatic in the photos, which showed the pair slicing into a cake with white icing to reveal the pink coloring within.

“This year has obviously been hard. For so many. Ups and downs, and an emotional roller coaster,” she captioned the post. “I think this day was by far my favorite day EVER! I cried I was so happy.”

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Baby Love

Tisdale told PEOPLE of the special moment, “I was obviously excited because I definitely wanted a girl, for sure, but I am also someone who goes with the flow on a lot of stuff. I try to not have expectations in moments like that and just allow what is meant to be. I was very excited. I think my husband definitely was scared — he looked a little scared in the pictures!”

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“Four months 🤰,” Tisdale updated her followers in October 2020, sharing a photo showing off her bump in striped pajamas. 

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Babymoon Time

In November 2020, Tisdale and French spent their babymoon at Big Sur, California, where the pair had previously retreated to “to heal from losing Maui,” Tisdale’s beloved teacup Maltipoo, who died in 2019.

“Now a little more than a year later we are celebrating this bundle of joy, another life change,” the pregnant star wrote on Instagram. “I guess my point is life is always changing and as scary as the world seems right now, it will too change and get better. We just have to be patient and know we will be able to socialize with friends and loved ones again. Thank you Big Sur for always being my safe place to heal and get perspective ❤️ I would say the secret lies in the ocean but I think it’s also the trees.”

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First, Let Me Take a Selfie

A few days later, Tisdale took a mirror selfie, captioned simply: “BAM 💥.”

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All Dressed Up

That’s one glam mama! The Masked Dancer panelist looked gorgeous in a sequined, feathered dress in December 2020. 

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Bumpin’ Along

In January 2021, Tisdale posted a photo of her belly while looking comfy and relaxed at home. 

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Fashionable Mama

Tisdale dressed up her bump in a romantic white dress for another episode of The Masked Dancer

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Golden Hour

Tisdale’s pregnancy glow was the perfect accessory for her golden ensemble. 

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Baring the Bump

In February 2021, Tisdale shared a nude photo of her bump on Instagram, encouraged her followers to show themselves some love.

“So much of the time we give our love to others,” she wrote. “Let’s start loving ourselves and our bodies in every shape and form. Our bodies do a lot for us every day and we neglect to acknowledge that. Thank your body and say I love you.”

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Getting Ready

In Marcy 2021, Tisdale shared a picture of her growing baby bump on Instagram, noting that her little one is “Almost ready….”

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