Watch Shaun T Get Wrecked While Working Out to Shaun T

Watch Shaun T Get Wrecked While Working Out to Shaun T

Shaun T, the famous trainer and founder of fitness transformation programs like Insanity and T25, lives by his own principles. In a video shared to Facebook this week, he revealed that he still works out to his old Insanity videos—and conceded that his younger self can be an incredibly unforgiving taskmaster.

“A taste of my own medicine!” Shaun wrote in the caption. “I can’t wait till my new dance workout comes out cause this INSANITY Shaun T is a nightmare!”

In the minute-long video, Shaun can be seen gasping for breath and drenched in sweat as he struggles to keep up with the intense routine. Luckily, he is cheered on by his husband Scott Blokker.

“This might be such a harassment, but I am totally fine with it,” jokes Scott, as he makes a couple of thirsty remarks and just generally does his level best to annoy him, flipping the camera back and forth to compare the younger Shaun on-screen with a shaved head and the Shaun with hair who is currently sweating and grunting his way through the workout.

While Scott’s ongoing commentary is undoubtedly a great motivator, Shaun also has his own mantras to get himself pumped up and ready for anything.

“Go to the mirror and just love on yourself,” he said on his podcast last year. “And if you have to do that every single day to eliminate those thoughts of ‘what do other people think of me’ or that voice in the back of your head, ‘are other people going to think I’m attractive,’ if you have to go in the mirror every single day to get rid of that, please do it… You have the power to make a change and make enhancements in your life so that you feel really great about who you are.”

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