Vice President Pence wants to go for a few days away from Donald Trump

Vice President Pence wants to go for a few days away from Donald Trump

The spread of the Coronavirus holds Germany, Europe and the world continue to breath. More than four million people have, until now, with the novel Virus-causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 infected – 171.134 of them in Germany.

Due to a Corona-infection in case of a close employees, the environment of U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence this &quot want to;for some Tage" at a distance to President Donald Trump to go. It was the "personal Entscheidung" of Pence, "to halten&quot a few days long-distance;, the new spokesperson for the White house, Kayleigh McEnany said on Tuesday. Before Trump had announced to reduce as a measure to protect his contacts to Pence might be.

In the White house, two Corona had been confirmed in the last week, within two days of cases. Among other things, the spokesperson of Pence, Katie Miller, has been tested positive for the Coronavirus. According to information Trumps a Test was Pence himself, however, negative. AP Donald Trump at his daily press conference in the rose garden of the White house, together with Vice-President Mike Pence

A Pence spokesman announced on Sunday that the Vice President did not go into quarantine. On Monday, Trump said, however, he’ll have a talk with Pence about a potential restriction of their contacts, as the Vice-President "with many people in Kontakt" come. The Comments had been interpreted to mean that Pence could be potentially but in Isolation.

Several members of the Pence led Corona-working group in the White house as a result of the infection cases at the U.S. government level, in Isolation, including the well-known virologist Anthony Fauci.

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