Virus in NRW: What’s closed, what are the restrictions

Virus in NRW: What’s closed, what are the restrictions

To slow the spread of the Coronavirus in NRW, the Federal state arrangements which restrict the public life. What are the restrictions in North Rhine-Westphalia, read here.

Schools and nurseries closed Monday

In North Rhine-Westphalia, close from Monday, 16. In March, all the schools. The Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) announced on Friday in Düsseldorf. The day-care centres in North Rhine-Westphalia as of Monday.

On Monday and Tuesday, with schools and nurseries in Cologne are open to transitional care ensure. In day-care centres for children of people in “the system of the relevant Professions to ensure” then a emergency care.

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Universities and universities of applied Sciences in NRW

The Start of the summer semester at North Rhine-Westphalian universities for the time being until the 19th century. April, the end of the Easter holidays, moved. The state government announced on Friday. Actually, the summer semester at universities of applied Sciences on 23. March, and at universities on 6. April start.


TU Dortmund will also allow tests with more than 100 students will continue to take place. It is assumed that “necessary measures for the protection against infection can be taken. The work includes a sufficiently large distance of 1-2 meters between the participating persons“, so the TU on your Homepage.

New phone number for citizens to phone for the Coronavirus: 0211 / 9119 1001

The citizen’s phone for the Coronavirus, the government has) a new phone number: 0211 / 9119 1001 (Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00. Also, the Service can be reached by E-Mail to [email protected] to.

Here, the contact person can be reached, the General questions related to the Coronavirus and prevent answer. In the case of medical issues citizens should contact the doctor.

NRW also provides under a website, on which all the decisions of the NRW state government, the decrees and their backgrounds are available. The information is also available in Turkish and Arabic languages.

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Cultural and sports facilities in NRW closed

The Land of North Rhine-Westphalia has decided to the setting of nearly all of the leisure, sports, entertainment, and educational opportunities. From Monday, 16. March, is to close the so-called “entertainment farms”. This includes Bars, Clubs, Nightclubs, gambling halls, theatres, cinemas and museums, for example. Prostitution businesses need to make.

From Tuesday, 17. March, must swim fitness studios, and fun pools as well as saunas to cease operations. Meetings in sports clubs and other sports and leisure facilities are prohibited from Tuesday.Adult education centres, music schools, and other public and private educational institutions in out-of-school area, must also close.

To avoid large gatherings of people, is allowed the access to stores and shopping malls, only to meet the immediate needs under strict conditions. Banks, retail establishments, and in particular for food products, pharmacies and drug stores to remain open, in order to meet the demand for food, medications, cash and clothing.

Libraries, Restaurants, pubs and Hotels can only be made in compliance with strict requirements, continue to operate.

This scheme is for the time being until the 19th century. April 2020 apply.

Tip: Also Church services in the Cologne Cathedral are not accessible to the Public. But they will be transferred over Livestream.

Cancelled or postponed events in NRW

On Tuesday, 10. March, announced that Karl-Josef Laumann, the Minister of health of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, that large-scale events with over 1000 expected participants in North Rhine-Westphalia, have to be cancelled. The following are major events in NRW moved or cancelled.

  • Billiards-world Championships in Viersen cancelled (new date probably in 2020)
  • International Hardware Fair (1. to 4. March) cancelled in Cologne
  • “Yonex German Open” (3. to 8. March) in Mülheim an der Ruhr
  • METAV 2020 (International fair for technologies of metal processing, 10. to 12. March) moved
  • The Literature Festival Lit.Cologne (10.-21. March) in Cologne
  • Cyber Security Tech Summit (11. March) cancelled in Bonn
  • WDR 5-literature marathon (13. March) cancelled in Cologne
  • Historic year market in Bonn (13. March to 4. April) is omitted, to be rescheduled
  • Flea – and antique market in Aachen place from the 14. March up to the 22. April 2020 closed
  • Pro Wine Trade Fair (15. to 17. March) moved to Düsseldorf
  • Cycling World Düsseldorf (21. To 22. March) cancelled
  • Zurheide’s Gourmet Festival in Düsseldorf, Germany (22. March) 4. October 2020 moved
  • International Fitness Trade Fair, Fibo (2. to 5. April) in Cologne on 1. to 4. October moved
  • "Night of the Museen" in Düsseldorf, Germany (4. April) cancelled
  • Local market in Düsseldorf (5. April) moved
  • FDP moves NRW-state Convention (25. April) in Bielefeld
  • Trade fair for print media, Drupa in Düsseldorf (16. to 26. June 2020) moved to 20. up to 30. April 2021

Note: A complete Overview cannot be given due to the variety of events.

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Public Transport

  • Cologne

From Wednesday, 18. In March, the buses and trams of the Cologne transport companies according to an adjusted Saturday schedule to. Reason for this is that the KVB expects the closure of schools and day-care centres with the loss of many employees.

According to the new schedule on weekdays will be the trips before 4 PM and after 1 PM. On the tram lines 1, 7, and 18, there should be a morning “booster trips”. Depending on the needs of the bus schedule should be adapted in order to also on the Saturday schedule, in addition, important links, for example, to commercial areas, ensure. The bus lines 124, 134, 171, 172, 173, and 179 are omitted, since there are alternative offers.

All the important information on the amended roadmap, the KVB from Tuesday, 17. March, under available.

In addition, the Boarding of the buses of the KVB, only on the rear doors. Tickets must be purchased before Boarding at a vending machine or Online. The driver of the KVB should not need to press open the doors automatically so passengers Hold the button.

  • Dortmund

Buses will only be joined in the back. Flap bands provide the interior for a minimum distance to the driver rod seat. Tickets must be purchased before Boarding at the machine or Online.

  • Eat

Also in Essen, buses, the front entry is locked. The doors open automatically, to avoid points of contact.

  • Aachen

Also in the buses of ASEAG as of now, no tickets can be sold closed The front door remains. Passengers must purchase their Tickets in advance via the App or in the ticket offices.

  • Bonn

The Bonner Stadtwerke, have also decided not to sell tickets in the buses. Passengers have in the back, and the ticket to buy in advance.

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Further measures in NRW

  • The Dortmund Zoo closes from now on, the rain forest, home to Orang-Utans in front of the Coronavirus to protect. Whether a Transfer to the apes is possible is currently unclear. Otherwise, the Zoo is open on a regular basis.

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