‘Truly grateful’: Strictly’s Shirley Ballas thanks fans for spotting lump on her arm

‘Truly grateful’: Strictly’s Shirley Ballas thanks fans for spotting lump on her arm

Lorraine: Shirley Ballas thanks fans who spotted lump on her arm

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Shirley Ballas is currently touring arenas across the country as part of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing tour. Shirley’s career is going from strength to strength but a health scare late last year threatened to burst her bubble. The Strictly judge spent a few weeks undergoing tests after fans spotted a lump under her arm during an online video.

Thankfully, the lump did not turn out to be a sign of something serious.

The judge gave an update on ITV’s Lorraine this morning, praising her fans in the process.

Shirley revealed that “nine people spotted the lump on my arm”.

“My hormones were all off,” she said.

The judge added: I am grateful to the fans. I thank them all. Truly grateful.”

In a video posted on Instagram in the weeks following the discovery, the TV star said: “I got two sets of results back today and the shadow on my kidney seems absolutely fine, they’re not worried about it.

“Some other, I’m going to say polyps, there was the fancy name for them, are just absolutely fine so there was no cancer there, so that was good.

“Now I need to have my boobies checked one more time when I have a minute.”

The judge added: “My hormones are still all over the place, so started today with some oestrogen to see if we can balance the body better, and she does recommend that maybe I take a little time for myself, which I’ll try to do.”

Ballas previously told fans she had been to hospital for an “internal probe” of her ovaries, kidneys and adrenal glands” after fans shared concerned messages when they spotted a lump under her right arm.

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