This Is Why Putting Your Elf On The Shelf In The Oven Is Always A Bad Idea

This Is Why Putting Your Elf On The Shelf In The Oven Is Always A Bad Idea

To all the Elf on the Shelf families out there, consider this a warning: Don’t put your elves in the oven. Ever. Parents from Overland Park, Kansas learned this lesson for us, according to Fox News. Chelsea Hightower told the outlet, “The night before they were in the fridge all night because the milk went bad.” So, her husband Matt had an idea to put their three elves in the oven so “they can get warm in there.” He made a cute sign for the elves announcing they were nice and toasty in the warmth of the oven. But then, unfortunately, the Hightowers went to bed and forgot all about their elf brood, whose names are Jingle, Belle, and Magic (via KCTV 5).

The next morning, Chelsea left her three kids home with their dad and went out Christmas shopping. But their son Braelon’s call from the kitchen would turn a low-key day with dad at home into an semi-emergency. “Daddy! Who turned on the oven?!” he called, as the mom recounts of what was happening while she was out. That is when Matt realized he had accidentally cooked their elves.

How these parents averted true disaster with their three kids

Luckily, with Chelsea out shopping, she was able to purchase new elves, but not without some blood, sweat, and tears. As the dedicated mama told Fox News, “I went to three different Targets, two Michaels [and] a Barnes and Noble. I drove around for four hours.”

The relieved parents told their kids about Jingle, Belle, and Magic that “the Elfspital got them in quickly, and they are expected to make a full recovery after several hours of reconstruction and rest.”

Chelsea shared images of before and after the Elf on the Shelf mishap on Facebook, along with the caption, “Parent lesson #48,573,728,485: don’t forget the elves were in the oven!!” Her post has since gone viral, with empathetic parents commenting they find the relatable elf drama completely hilarious. And hey, many probably also appreciate what the Hightowers went through so that now, they don’t have to!

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