This Mobility Coach Is Using Social Media to Change the Way You Move

This Mobility Coach Is Using Social Media to Change the Way You Move

Mike Wasilisin, D.C., couldn’t redefine mobility from his California chiropractic center, so he shut it down and started the fitness-content platform MoveU Inc. to help you (and 1 million-plus Instagram followers) Fix. Yo. Shit.

Four years ago, after working with more than 10,000 patients at his chiropractic clinic, Wasilisin realized people had a problem with how mobility training was presented. It overwhelmed them with complex terms and never felt actionable. Wasilisin’s fix: Ditch the jargon and empower people to “fix yo shit,” as he says in many of his Instagram videos.

He did that while still explaining exercises in precise detail. Wasilisin’s approach is the next wave of mobility training, something he calls mindful movement, since it focuses on the intricacies of basic stretches. And he’s already garnered 15,000 paying subscribers and growing on his MoveU site.

Experience it Wasilisin’s methods for yourself with the doorway bow stretch (demonstrated in the image below), which loosens your quadratus lumborum, a frequent cause of lower-back pain.

1. Reach Across

Reach your right hand in front of your body to grab a doorframe, palm facing outward at shoulder height.

2. Go Left

Your left hand should be at hip height, grasping the frame.

3. Get Hip

Shift your hips as far to the right as possible.

4. Cross Over

Swing your right foot behind your left, the sole of your right foot pressed into the door. Creep your left foot 6 inches to the right and flex your knee.

A version of this story originally appears in the March 2021 issue of Men’s Health, with the title “GET READY FOR MINDFUL MOVEMENT”.

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