Team of researchers Drosten finds out: pre-existing condition could lead to Corona-immunity

Team of researchers Drosten finds out: pre-existing condition could lead to Corona-immunity

Christian Drosten and his team of researchers at the Charité in Berlin, have made a unique observation. The knowledge: Who could be was already sick with a different Coronavirus, immune to Covid-19. Drosten, however, warns against an Over-Interpretation of the results.

In the fight against the Coronavirus virologist Christian Drosten has recorded his scientific colleagues of the Berlin Charité interesting discoveries. According to Drosten cannot be excluded that certain pre-existing conditions can lead to an immunity against the Coronavirus. This was told by the virologist in the NDR Podcast "The Coronavirus-Update on 24. April.

His Team examined in one study, T-cells, so blood cells that serve the immune system. Under the microscope T-cells from already healed COVID-19-patients and patients who are not infected yet have been taken.

"Surprisingly, it has been seen that in 34 percent of patients reactive T-be cells, even though they never contact with the SARS-2 Virus hatten", says Drosten.

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The virologist explained that there is a structural Similarity between the previously known four cold corona viruses that can infect humans, and the new SARS-COV-2 Virus.

First such observation in the world

A past disease with one of these four viruses could be an explanation for a so-called background immunity to the new Coronavirus.

Drosten said, the first such observation in the world, however, he warned against an Over-Interpretation of the results. You should now not close, a third of the population is immune.

Further explanations for mild or asymptomatic gradients were also Concerned at the beginning, get less viruses, or in better shape overall are.

The number of Elapsed heirs will not change anything, finally, it was an observation of reality. And in this background immunity was included.

Drosten: "It is not so that you can derive from a simple scientific Information is always the same something for the course of the epidemic, and the fate of the pandemic in Germany."

Would be a factor of 0.2 have been possible?

Drosten said then that it continues to be a large destination to stay, to keep the infection rate at a factor of 1. This would mean that each Infected infects about one other Person. A standstill would not produce of course.

A position paper of the Helmholtz suggests that it would have been possible to reduce this factor to 0.2, resulting in the reduction or even extinction of the Virus in Germany could have lead.

However, more strict measures in special areas such as hospitals or seniors would have been for homes necessary.  

Drosten says he’s "already optimistisch", that could really work. "But we have not society entschieden&quot it;, because there have been strong voices against an intensification of the Contact constraints and, therefore, the policy would continue to drive now loose.

Policy decides on a two-weeks – rhythm "to kurz&quot maybe a little;

But here is a Problem, this is also for the policy weight. “Our real target is the size of what numbers we can handle in intensive care units to patients.”

If the factor remains at 1 and, thus, the number of cases is constant, but that the age profile of the Infected moves and increases, there will be substantially more severe cases. And the effect on capacity of the intensive care units.Professor Christian Drosten: What do you know about the Coronavirus expert should

“These intense gradients that we have in mind only come in the longer history of the infection auf", declares Drosten. "Therefore, a two-week observation window is used perhaps too short. After two weeks, we will be able to see approximately how many people will be newly infected, but how many people get a severe course and are in the ICU, we can judge only after a month properly." dpa/Michael Kappeler/dpa-pool/Reuters The Corona-Podcast with Christian Drosten provides Updates on the Situation.

Now the policy comes into play, because the decided to last always in the Two-weeks-rhythm of new measures in the fight against the Virus. Drosten urges, that the continuous observation of the reproduction factor must go hand in hand with the observation of the number of serious cases.

The current discussion of rhythm in society and the policy of only two weeks was "maybe a little too short in the evaluation. Maybe you have to wait longer."

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