9 Hands-Free Products to Keep You Hydrated on a Long Run

9 Hands-Free Products to Keep You Hydrated on a Long Run

A million things can go wrong during a nice, long run (the need for a bathroom break, extreme fatigue, the list goes on); however, that dry, scratching feeling at the back of your throat when you’re a million (or just a couple!) miles away from water might just be the worst. But who the heck wants to ruin their stride by carrying a big ol’ water bottle?

Thankfully, there are other options for hauling your hydration. Unfortunately, science has yet to come up with the perfect contraption for looking cool and staying hydrated while you work out, so it’s all about weighing the pros and cons of what we have to work with. Check a few of our favorites out:

The handheld bottle

The fanny pack

The backpack

The hydration belt

Hips are super handy things to have. They help birth babies, they rock a body-con dress and ballroom dancers would be lost without them. Plus, they’re great for carrying water! (Awkward segue? You’re welcome.)

Pros: You can customize your belt to hold anywhere from one to four little bottles. The smaller-sized containers allow you to ration your water better and distribute the weight more comfortably while still keeping them handy.

Cons: Maybe I run funny, but I always knock the side bottles with my arms.

The water bottle tank top & bra

The thigh holster

The bra with pockets

The vest

The water bra

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