Jenna Dewan's Hilarious Photo of Son Callum Shows His Decorating Skills May Need Some Work

Jenna Dewan's Hilarious Photo of Son Callum Shows His Decorating Skills May Need Some Work

Actress Jenna Dewan never fails to post about unique moments with her children: big, small, and sometimes, very topsy-turvy. On Dec 17, Dewan posted two adorable photos of her son Callum doing something a little advanced for his age: decorating. But don’t get too excited. He has a bit of work to do on his home-centric skills, but we’re pretty confident he’ll hone his skills more.

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She posted the photos with the caption, “Everything about this boy melts me. Even when he’s redecorating the bathroom (swipe to see).”

In the first photo, we see proud mama Dewan doing a classic kissy-face with little Callum showing off the cutest cheerful face while holding a morning snack. In the second photo, Calum redecorates their bathroom by excitedly laying out a sheer, white mixture of wood fibers and water onto their marble floors. Which is fancy talk for saying. He went haywire and had fun spreading toilet paper all around their bathroom.

(Did you know, according to Sunrise Specialty, toilet paper has oak, maple, and southern pine fibers in TP to provide softness and strength? Yeah, we didn’t either.)

But these photos warmed our hearts, and it seems like Callum is loving every minute of being a new toddler.

Dewan has two children. She shares eight-year-old Everly with ex-husband Channing Tatum. She also shares a one-year-old son named Callum with her fiance Steve Kazee.

Back in a 2017 interview with People, Dewan said she wants to raise her kids’ self-esteem and confidence ASAP. In this specific interview, she was more so talking about Everly since Callum wasn’t born yet. “Starting early and building her confidence in her true authenticity and herself is important. Because then when the influences come in that will try to tell her, ‘You’re not great’ and ‘You’re not amazing,’ she’ll have that strong sense of reminding.”

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