India’s Covid-19 fatality rate drops to 1.46%; Govt targets bringing it down to 1%

India’s Covid-19 fatality rate drops to 1.46%; Govt targets bringing it down to 1%

India’s coronavirus disease (Covid-19) case fatality rate (CFR) dropped to 1.46% on Sunday, with 133,771 of 9,140,191 infected persons having succumbed to the viral infection in the country.

The first death due to Covid-19 was reported in India on March 12, 2020.With the Covid-19 CFR steadily declining, the country is inching closer to the target that the Indian government has set—attaining a CFR of 1% or below.

The government target has been set keeping in mind the number of deaths that occur annually due to common influenza in the country.

According to government officials in the know of things, the target percentage was decided after a detailed deliberation between representatives of the union ministry of health and family welfare and the government think tank Niti Aayog.

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Ten states have been reporting the maximum number of deaths from across the country, with about 77% of the 509 case fatalities that have been reported on Sunday recorded by these 10 states and union territories.

Of the 10 worst-affected Covid-19 states and union territories, Delhi is reporting the maximum number of new deaths. On Sunday, 121 deaths due to Covid-19 were reported from Delhi, taking the total number of people having died of the viral infection to 8,391, which comprises roughly over 22% of the total new deaths reported from across the country on the day.

The other affected states in the terms of higher Covid-19 deaths are Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh.

The government has been majorly focusing on vaccine development, procurement and delivery, as an effective vaccine is going to be the key to bring down the rate of infection in the long run.

Apart from taking several other steps to curb the disease transmission, the government has also provided assistance of Rs900 crore under Covid Suraksha Mission to support research and development of Covid-19 vaccination.

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