I Cooked An Entire Meal In Drew Barrymore's Beautiful Kitchenware Dual Air Fryer & It Cut My Cooking Time In Half

I Cooked An Entire Meal In Drew Barrymore's Beautiful Kitchenware Dual Air Fryer & It Cut My Cooking Time In Half

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I am the furthest thing away from a pro chef. If it weren’t for Trader Joe’s pre-made salad kits and meals, I honestly don’t know how I’d survive. But during these last two years at home, I’ve dipped my toes a wee bit more into the world of legit cooking (like everyone else), thanks to—you guessed it—the beloved air fryer. Now, this isn’t just any old air fryer I’m using. I got the chance to test one from Drew Barrymore’s gorgeous new cookware and kitchen brand, Beautiful Kitchenware, which is sold exclusively at Walmart (so it’s super affordable too!). No joke, it’s cut down my cooking time in half.

There are a couple of different air fryer models in the line including a toaster oven version, but I made a beeline for the Beautiful 9QT TriZone Air Fryer in White Icing. It’s the first air fryer I’ve seen that has two compartments so you can cook two things at once. Honestly, that’s been my only hunch with air fryers is that I have to cook the meat, veggies, and fries individually. Before you know it, I’ve spent an hour standing over the air fryer. But with this beauty, my time spent in the kitchen is next to nothing.

Warning, this air fryer does take up a hefty chunk of counter space, but luckily, she’s easy on the eyes so I don’t mind having it on full display. The other cool feature? The touchscreen is totally digital—no buttons or knobs—and only lights up when in use. So, when it’s unplugged, it has a super clean look that’ll add some zen into your kitchen. Plus, it’s only $139 and the other models are as low as $99.

This art-worthy air fryer comes in three other dreamy colors that’ll add some fun to your cooking routine. At 9 quarts, it’s plenty deep and it even features a removable divider in the middle if you want to use the entire basket for something larger. You can fit up to 5Ibs of French Fries in a basket or a 10 Ib turkey if you remove the divider. Best of all? You can also control each basket’s temperature individually, ranging from 90 to 450 degrees. Genius!

At 1700 watts, this thing is powerful. The nonstick trays make it a breeze to clean up because there’s nothing worse than scraping off day-old air fryer crumbs. And the trays are even dishwasher safe if you don’t want to deal with scrubbing at all.

As the ultimate test, I cooked pork chops in this air fryer. I’ve actually never made them but I know they’re hard to get right. With zero cooking skills and just this device at my disposal, I can report back that the pork chops were perfectly juicy—I seriously impressed myself! I took things a step further and used it to heat a frozen pizza (maybe a little chaotic, but it was in the name of journalism!). I went a little too hard on the temperature and burnt it a little, but that was human error.

If you’re looking for a different style air fryer, you can also shop these two equally chic models:


If you want an appliance that truly does it all, enlist this air fryer toaster oven wonder machine into your kitchen routine. Honestly, you can get rid of all your other appliances if you have this one. My favorite hack for using this? TikTok’s favorite baked oatmeal recipe.

If you’re on the hunt for a more compact air fryer, you’ll want to take this one home. How sleek is this color?!

Overall, I don’t know where I’d be in the kitchen without this game-changing air fryer. Now, I’m intrigued to test out the rest of Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful Kitchenware line. You can’t beat the price, quality or the looks. TBH, this appliance should cost double the price.

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