High blood pressure: The superfood found to have a natural ability to lower blood pressure

High blood pressure: The superfood found to have a natural ability to lower blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of a number of harmful mechanisms that can inflict irreversible damage on the heart if left untreated. The condition happens when the force of blood pushing against your artery walls is consistently too high, which causes the blood vessels that transport blood to your heart to lose their stretchiness and narrow. A restricted blood supply starves vital organs of oxygen, majorly hiking the risk of having a heart attack. Add this food to your diet to help keep pressure readings low.


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High blood pressure is primarily caused by poor dietary decisions, so making a conscious effort to reduce the intake of certain foods, while upping your intake of others is vital to staving off high blood pressure.

Slashing your salt intake is a key component because high salt intake raises your blood pressure reading.

Fatty foods, saturated fats and processed foods should all be avoided as much as possible.

Adding flaxseeds to the diet could make all the difference.

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Flaxseeds has been used for centuries and have been prized for their health-protective properties.

Nowadays, flaxseeds are emerging as “superfoods” as more scientific research points to their numerous health benefits.

Flaxseeds are great sources of many nutrients and their health benefits are mainly due to their high content of omega-3 fats.

Flaxseeds are a rich source of alpah-linolenic acid and mostly plant-based omega-3 fatty acid.

How flax seeds could improve blood pressure

Studies on flax seeds have focused on its natural ability to lower blood pressure.

For those who were already taking blood pressure medication, flax seeds lowered blood pressure even further and decreased the number of patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Furthermore, according to a large review that looked at data from 11 studies, taking flaxseeds daily for more than three months, lowered blood pressure by 2 mmHg.


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What the study said

In a study with US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, potent antihypertensive action of dietary flaxseed in hypersensitive patients.

The study noted: “Flaxseeds contains fatty acids and fibre that together may provide benefits to patients with cardiovascular disease.

“The purpose of the study was to examine the effects of daily ingestion of flaxseed on systolic and diastolic blood pressure in peripheral artery disease patients.”

The study concluded that flax seeds induced one of the most potent antihypertensive effects achieved by a dietary intervention.

Other natural ways to reduce blood pressure?

The NHS said: “Doctors can help you keep your blood pressure to a safe level using lifestyle changes and medicines.

Lifestyle changes can help prevent and lower blood pressure.

These changes include reducing the amount of salt you eat, cut back on alcohol, lose weight if you’re overweight, exercise regularly, cut down on caffeine and stop smoking. Some people with high blood pressure may also need to take one or more medicines to stop their blood pressure getting too high.”

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