Heart health: This tongue coating indicates heart weakness – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Heart health: This tongue coating indicates heart weakness – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Tongue microbes as a window to heart health

Apparently, there are significant differences between the microorganisms that live on the tongue of healthy people and the tongue microbiome of heart diseased people. This new discovery could be used for early and easy diagnosis of the heart, in particular cardiac insufficiency contribute.

Researchers at the European society of cardiology, show that by an analysis of the tongue to draw conclusions on the condition of the heart infuse. Certain microorganisms, tongue, floor coverings and the color of the tongue indicates the presence of cardiovascular disease.

Difference is already visible


Microorganisms on the tongue may help in the diagnosis of heart failure, report researchers at the European society of cardiology. “The tongue of the Affected with chronic congestive heart failure is completely different than that of healthy people,” stressed study author Dr. Tianhui Yuan. The very appearance of the tongues of the two groups differ. While the tongues of normal people are rather pale red with a pale white coating, characterized in the tongues of congestive heart failure Affected more by the stronger reddish color with yellow lining.

The reason for the appearance of the tongue, a difference in the composition of the Mikroboms of the tongue is, the researchers suggest. “Our study has shown that the composition, quantity, and the dominant bacteria in the tongue surface between heart failure patients and healthy people differ,” says the scientist.

Tongue microbes also indicate pancreatic cancer


These results extend previous research which has shown that the Tongue plaque from healthy people, of deposits of individuals differ with pancreatic cancer. The analysis of the tongue, multiple could be used as a valuable diagnostic method.

How does it come to this connection

As the research team reported, are associated with certain bacteria with inflammatory reactions and immune responses. The presence of such bacteria is an indication of a microbial imbalance and increased inflammation. Such operations also play in heart failure is an important role.

The expiration of the study

The Team compared in the study, the composition of the tongue, multiple by 42 Participants with chronic heart failure with the tongue microbes from 28 healthy people. All samples were morning taken before Breakfast and brushing your teeth. The researchers found that the Microbiome of healthy people, as well as the Microbiome of all the sick people similar. Between the two groups, however, there were large differences.

Congestive heart failure say on the basis of five types of bacteria before

The researchers identified five species of bacteria, on the basis of which a distinction between the healthy and the heart weak people can make. The probability of success, to recognize in this way, a weak heart, was 84 percent.

The stronger the expression of these bacteria was a species, the more the heart was a weakness progressed. This was especially the case when the concentrations of bacteria of the genus Eubacterium, and solo bacterium were increased.

New form of Diagnostics of heart failure?

“Further research is needed, but our results indicate that tongue microbes, which are easy to analyze, may help in the broad-based early detection, diagnosis and long-term monitoring of congestive heart failure,” says Dr. Tianhui Yuan. The Interaction between micro-organisms in the tongue and the heart function deserve further and more detailed studies. (vb)

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