Healthy and happy by working in the garden – natural healing naturopathic specialist portal

Healthy and happy by working in the garden – natural healing naturopathic specialist portal

So benefits your health in a garden

Gardening is for years in the Trend. This is not only in the country, with its own garden at the house, but also in the city. Urban Gardening is now in many cities an integral part of the green movement. In the past often referred to as “stuffy” perceived allotments, a generation change takes place, more and more young people to put a piece of private Green.

The reasons for this are many: slowing down, sustainability and environmental awareness. Many drives, the longing for a piece of “authenticity” in our increasingly online-happening reality. Best Bonus: gardening is very healthy for our body and our Psyche!

Why is gardening so healthy?

In an Interview with the renowned Mayo Clinic, Anya Guy, an expert on healthy eating explains how a garden contributes in many ways to our health: “gardening is good for your body and your mind”. Guy that “offers the care of a garden, a Wealth of health benefits”. Three of the highlights, especially.

1. Healthier Diet

According to Anya Guy working in the garden has a positive effect on our eating habits. Because if we grow fruit and vegetables, we eat more of it. Of those who have a garden in the immediate vicinity will benefit, especially: “you will increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, ultimately because you have it right in your own backyard”, says the expert.

Logical: When delicious fresh tomatoes and strawberries grow only a few meters away, to go back rather than go extra for Chips and chocolate at the supermarket. That sown in the food itself, poured, and has to be harvested, and also makes a bit of pride, and ensures that it tastes twice as good.

2. More Movement

It is not without reason that gardenwork! Gardening without movement is impossible. If we grow a portion of our own food, we automatically ensure that we give our body extra exercise and burn more calories. This is healthy and keeps us fit. If we keep that in the back of the head, makes the weeding more enjoyable.

3. Less Stress and anxiety

Gardening is not only good for our body, but can help, according to Anya, Guy, can also help reduce feelings of Stress and anxiety. On the one hand this is certainly due to the physical exercise, the stress hormones are reduced. On the other hand, the activity in the fresh air is also really meditative and can give us the earth, in the truest sense of the word.

Further Advantages

Expert Anya Guy is only on the health benefits of Gardening. But also for our environment, it is good if we grow a portion of our own food. As a result, we reduce, for example, the CO2 consumption caused by transport. Also the plastic packaging is unnecessary when you reap the harvest of the products themselves.

Thus, the fruits and vegetables is so healthy and eco-friendly as possible, and to the use of organic and artificial fertilizers and chemical plant protection products do without. In addition, it is worth to inform yourself about traditional varieties and seed more than one year and not genetically modified.

Tip for the garden muffle

You can find gardening boring? Then, try to listen during the Gardening, the favorite music, an interesting Podcast or an exciting audiobook. Because what is on the other monotonous activities such as driving, Jogging, or iron works, of course, also for weeding, Raking, and watering.

What should you grow?

Anja, Guy advises to take into account when growing as many different types because each fruit and vegetable contains substances with a very own Mix of healthy vitality. Tomatoes, for example, according to the Guy, “rich in antioxidants, contain potassium, Vitamin C and are a source of dietary fiber”. In addition, it recommends that peppers, especially chili, and eggplant.

You should, of course, but, above all, the grow what is growing in our climate and what you like to eat. The healthiest vegetables in the garden does not use after all, nothing if you like it.

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