Head lice discover and successfully combat – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Head lice discover and successfully combat – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

What to do in case of head lice to

If the scalp itch constantly, can head lice behind. The infamous roommate spread often among children especially quickly. The small parasites are harmless, however, it requires a consistent approach to banish them permanently from the budget. Experts explain what to look for.

Head lice worries in many for disgust. They have nothing to do with a lack of Hygiene. In order to detect the parasites, enough for a simple Test. You get rid of, however can take longer. The children’s doctor, Hans-Jürgen Nentwich and the pharmacist Ursula-purpose mountain reports, what you need to know about the Crawlers.

Help – I have lice!

It itches, it crawls, and if one does nothing, then you can walk from head to head: the head lice. The small parasites are harmless, but pretty annoying. And the treatment is mainly for long hair-consuming.

How do you discover lice?

Lice you will notice skin especially the itching on the head. The many Scratching irritated areas in the neck can occur at the Transition from the hair to the skin or behind the ears, as Prof. Hans-Jürgen Nentwich from the professional Association of child and youth doctors (BVKJ) explains.

Anyone who suspects lice, they should make a simple Test: you need a lice comb, wherein the spacing between the tines is a maximum of 0.2 mm, and a white cloth. After Washing, the wet hair is combed out and the lice comb is scraped off after each streak on the white cloth. Nentwich: “you see black dots, then this is the confirmation for lice.”

How do you get lice?

Head lice life – as the Name already says – on the head, and solely on the of the people. And they spread from head to head. “You have to have direct contact,” stresses the physician. Because: “lice are crawling.” Through other ways – such as in the case of fleas on Pets – you get no lice. A Transmission via clothing, hats or brushes, according to the Institute for quality and efficiency in health care (IQWiG) is unlikely.

Who is most affected?

Children. You are about to Play frequently close to each other and put their heads together.

What to do if the child has lice?

“Lice infestation is subject to the German infection protection act,” says pediatrician Nentwich. This means that the parents must inform the institution in which the child is cared for. The day-care centre or school must, in turn, the case to the competent health office. The affected child may only go back into the setup, if it was “lice-free”. This is usually after the first treatment of the case.

Often it is sufficient if the parents confirm that your child has no lice and more. It is sometimes but also requires a medical certificate from the child’s doctor.

What is the treatment?

The lice get rid of, there are special lice agents, which are applied directly to the scalp. “It is important that the funds will not be applied to dry hair, to dilute it,” emphasized Ursula seller mountain of the Federal chamber of pharmacists. Anyone who is uncertain, look at the package insert of the Agent.

On the first day should be first applied to the head louse agent and the hair will then be combed out wet, strand by strand, with the lice comb, explained seller mountain. “You can’t use the comb, an ordinary hair conditioner, it or tweaks so strong,” she recommends.

On the fifth day, the hair should be combed out again wet. Between the eighth and tenth day apply a lice means to remove young lice (nymphs) that may have hatched from the eggs. On day 13 and on day 17 it meshes again with wet hair and wipe the comb on a white cloth. So you can see whether the treatment was successful.

What to do?

You should all have had with the child contact, to inform about the bug infestation. And even if the Transfer on textiles is unlikely, you should wash used linen and pyjamas at 60 degrees and non-washable stuffed animals for three days in a plastic bag in the deep freezer place of rest, advises sellers mountain. Combs and brushes to clean with hot water and soap and not put it to use for a couple of days. (vb; Source: dpa/tmn)

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