Gynaecologist slams 'vaginal cleansing brush' used to remove period 'debris'

Gynaecologist slams 'vaginal cleansing brush' used to remove period 'debris'

For anyone who has periods there are times you might simply wish you could expel the blood from your body and not have to deal with the mess and discomfort.

That seems to be the thinking behind a product called the Blossom Brush, a pink (of course) tool that’s designed to ‘clean’ the inside of your vagina.

The rubber device is supposed to be inserted into the vagina once-daily while on your period to ‘remove debris’ and help people ‘feel more fresh’.

Similar to a tongue scraper – but for the vagina – the creators of the Blossom claim that it can be used to reduce the number of tampons or pads needed during a cycle (although it is not marketed as a medical product that can lighten your periods).

But the brush hasn’t seemed to have had the reaction its creators may have wanted, as people across the internet – including well-known gynaecologist Dr Jen Gunter – have criticised it publicly.

Dr Jen commented further saying: ‘Cleaning inside the vagina in this way is associated with an increased risk of damaging the vaginal ecosystem and increasing the risk of STIs if exposed and as an OB/GYN I would never recommend it.’

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