Flu jab Asda 2020: How much is the flu jab in Asda this year?

Flu jab Asda 2020: How much is the flu jab in Asda this year?

Flu jabs could relieve the NHS of significant undue pressure this year, as COVID-19 remains in rampant circulation. Cases of the disease have reentered the thousands this month, rivalling those at the peak of the pandemic, prompting fears of a two-pronged autumn assault alongside influenza season. While healthcare providers must prioritise set groups, anyone can get a jab if they choose, but it may cost them.

How much is the flu jab in Asda?

The NHS provides free flu jabs for at-risk groups, including the very young, old and chronically sick.

Everyone else has to go through a private route, and several pharmacies and shops offer a flu jab for those who want to protect themselves against this year’s strains.

Different locations offer different prices, however, and Asda ranks among the cheapest.

The Asda Pharmacy has opened flu vaccination bookings for the 2020/21 season.

Their service offers the flu jab for £8, making it the least expensive amongst all providers this year.

Asda has pharmacy services in 255 stores across the UK where people can get the jab administered.

People can get another jab elsewhere, but the rest will set them back £10 and more.

The following pharmacies and stores offer the flu jab:

  • Asda: £8
  • Tesco: £9
  • Lloyds Pharmacy: £12.99
  • Superdrug: £12.99
  • Boots: £13.99

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Health officials have begun a push to have the flu jab administered as widely as possible.

High vaccination rates are the most effective way to build herd immunity, which will protect more people than just those who receive it.

The jab covers several potential strains in a bid to curate antibodies to fight off the potentially devastating bug.

Those who opt to take one may experience some side effects, but these will end up less severe than those of the virus itself.

The flu jab contains an inactivated virus which cannot cause people to contract the disease itself.

But it will prompt a slight immune system response, including a mild high temperature or muscle aches.

The symptoms will last for roughly a day or so before fading.

Some people may have an allergic reaction such as anaphylaxis, which takes place not long after injection.

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