Dozens of cases have been reported: Are bruising toes a note on Coronavirus?

Dozens of cases have been reported: Are bruising toes a note on Coronavirus?

Of cases, which is a connection between the bruises and infection with Sars-CoV-2 notes, from Italy, Spain, France, Thailand and the United States reported.

Bruises two days before the classic Covid-19-symptoms

The international Federation of podiatrists – specialists for foot ailments is reported of a 13-year-old boy from Italy on 8. March showed up to 2020, to two toes, red-purple spots with 5 to 15 millimeters in diameter.

The young people took drugs and felt good. Two days later, classic Covid, a sat-19-symptoms such as fever and muscle and headaches, in addition, his foot lesions began to itch to a toe had developed a blister.

Sister and mother ill

The Doctors suspected that he had been bitten by a violin spider. In the period, however, was reported in social media and a forum of some relevant cases in children and adolescents, which is why the Association inquired with the family.

It turned out that both his mother as well as sister, the Coronavirus had been found, both of them had fever and cough. The Boy himself had not been tested, up to the publication of the report, no results are yet available.

Study: One-fifth has skin irritation

A first study of possible irritation of the skin showed that 18 of 88 Covid-19 patients (20.4%) who had taken in the past 15 days not a drug, showed changes.

It was mostly a reddish, itchy rash on the trunk, once to hives.

Dozens of cases have been reported

Specifically to red/blue stains in young patients there is still no investigation. According to the Association, however, were reported in Italy alone, a few dozen cases, after on 29. March 2020 the first report about it was published.

The lesions occur in children and adolescents, the (initially still) in good health. They concern mainly the feet and the toes, and sometimes also the hands and fingers.

In the beginning, they have a reddish-purple or bluish color; you can use a bubble or even after a few days of a blackish crust, are usually painful and back develop after about two weeks.

Case in Thailand

In Thailand, a similar case of a teenager appeared as the magazine "Jaad" reported.

For him, the diagnosis was initially by mistake Dengue fever, as the identified petechiae – point bleeding shaped skin and ruptured blood vessels in the case of Dengue fever occur frequently.

Cases in Spain and the USA

Also, the Spanish Association of podiatrists messages about skin irritation, particularly in children and young people a go, which are also described as violet, and chickenpox, measles, or chilblains very were similar.

There, as in the USA, a Register will now be possible Covid-19-cases set up in the foot lesions documented.

The possible connection is still unclear

How high is the rise of such skin changes, it is still unclear – as well as the backgrounds of possible relationships. "In the dermatological literature first Berichte&quot find only just;, Sarah Young, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic says.

Closure of blood vessels under the skin?

The manifestations are described in different ways. Young reported from Covid-19 patients who developed a network-like, bluish-violet drawing of the skin (Livedo reticularis) or stains. The way to a closure of blood vessels close to the Skin.

There is such a variety of forms, "and the swings, one of which is reported, can werden&quot in a variety of other diseases observed;, the specialist says. In any case, you have to be able to a clear conclusion on Covid-19 draw.

No connection with progression of the disease, recognizable

Similar to Adam J. Friedman, Interim chair of dermatology at the George Washington University School of Medicine sees it. Asked whether there is a connection, it rejects it. Rather, more research work was necessary.

What he could tell, was that it would, until now, no correlation between skin rashes and the Severity of the disease is given.

In case of doubt, consult a doctor

The dermatologist Harold Lancer of Beverly Hills advises, in case of doubt, in the case of re-occurring skin irritation the doctor. Much depends on the personal history of the disease.

Someone prone to addiction, for example, to hives, have a rash, probably nothing to do with a virus infection. The anomaly occurs for the first time, you should discuss with the doctor the possibility of infection.

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