COVID-19: insulation at home exacerbates obesity in children – Natural medicine naturopathic specialist portal

COVID-19: insulation at home exacerbates obesity in children – Natural medicine naturopathic specialist portal

Weight gain in children during the isolation

The measures carried out for the isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic have a negative effect on the nutrition, sleep and physical activity of children and adolescents, this is particularly true for children with obesity, as a recent study shows.

In a recent joint study between the University at Buffalo, the Louisiana State University and the University of Verona in Italy, it was found that the insulation at home has a negative impact on the living habits of children, which can even lead to obesity worsens. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Obesity”.

To take children in times of isolation and more?

Children and young people during the summer holidays, typically more weight than during the school year. This, the researchers prompted the end to find out whether the insulation of the home during COVID-19 would have a similar effect on the lifestyle and behavior of the children.

41 children were studied

For the study, 41 obese children from Verona, Italy, were investigated. These children have been in March and in April requested not to leave their houses to protect themselves from a COVID-19-disease. All of the participating children were part of a long-term study.

Information on life-style were evaluated

Three weeks before the mandatory national Lockdown of Italy collected information on the lifestyle in terms of diet, activity and sleep and with the 2019 data collected on the children compared. The questions focused on physical activity, screen time, sleep, eating habits and the consumption of red meat, pasta, Snacks, fruit and vegetables.

Impact on the living habits

It is noticed that the children took a daily additional meal, they slept half an hour longer, spent every day for almost five hours before the Smartphone, Computer and television, and increased their consumption of red meat, sugary drinks and so-called Junk Food dramatically, reported the researchers. Physical activity decreased by more than two hours per week, the amount of the consumed vegetables, by contrast, remained unchanged.

Unexpected side effects of COVID-19

“The tragic COVID-19 pandemic has adverse effects over and above direct virus infection also. Children and adolescents struggling with obesity are in an unfortunate situation of Isolation, which seems to create an unfavorable environment for maintaining a healthy lifestyle habits,“ says study author Dr. Myles Faith from the University at Buffalo in a news release.

Better structured daily routine in school

The school environment provides structure and Routine around meals, physical activity, and sleep. These are the three predominant factors of lifestyle that affect the risk for obesity, says Dr. Faith. The results of the study confirmed the negative change in behaviour and indicated that children with obesity cut off in weight-control programmes at home is worse than during the school lessons. Depending on the duration of the isolation, the Obesity is not easily reversible and can contribute to adulthood obesity if healthier behaviors will not be re-introduced.

What can be done?

The observed effects of the insulation on the weight that should be relaxed to be considered in adolescents with obesity when decisions are made, when, and how current limitations due to COVID-19. There is also the need for tele-medicine programs to set up and to evaluate which families are encouraged to choose during the time of isolation of a healthy way of life, is Dr Faith adds. (as)

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