COVID-19: The “four horsemen” of the pandemic – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

COVID-19: The “four horsemen” of the pandemic – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Coronavirus pandemic, the expression of the global aberrations?

While current is still turning everything to the management of the Corona-crisis, to inform Researchers of the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is already looking into the future and warn that the rapid global spread of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 could only be an expression of the weaknesses of our social system. As the “four horsemen” disasters of Overpopulation, globalization, Hyper-connectivity and the global supply, which are chains to

“It is obvious that we must give priority to identifying and addressing the conditions that have made the Covid-19-pandemic, possible priority,” emphasise the researchers. The question here is whether it is a kind of Symptom, its Basis in an “increasingly fragile position, volatile, Hyper-connected world” is. Your Considerations have published Kang Hao Cheong, and Michael C. Jones of the SUTD in the journal “BioEssays”.

Critical pathologies revealed

“The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the critical pathologies in the dynamic global System of trade, of governance and of public health, lurk,” stresses Cheong in a press release the SUTD. “Even if Covid-19 this time it is not the direct cause of a global catastrophe, it is a blow that is of concern to us so that we are aware that we are sailing in a dangerous ocean, which is increasingly crowded by icebergs,” adds Jones.

The threat of unprecedented disaster

It is clear that a pandemic like COVID-can metastasize 19 quickly in other important areas, such as, for example, the economic and geopolitical stability, and other multiplicative effects are second-and third-order developing, in the worst case, to an unprecedented disaster, can grow, report the researchers.

Catastrophe as inevitable Endpunk

In addition, measures such as the extremely comprehensive financial rescue actions to prevent the Ruin by Covid-19 exacerbating the increasingly complex and chaotic conditions of the Problem may be. So a chain of follow-up problems threatened, up to the point where a catastrophic failure was practically inevitable. “From the point of view of the decision-making of view, should be considered to be a disaster, as long as the conditions remain unchanged, from the point of view of the non-linear dynamics as the inevitable endpoint”, the conclusion of the two scientists.

Solution approaches in sight

But the way a “proper understanding of this explosive risk landscape is also a solution,” said Cheong and Jones. This lies in a massive Change in the global price on the basis of the precautionary principle and on the basis of biological principles. The biological theory and complexity science will play an important role in the paradigmatic changes that are required to defuse the time-bomb is required, stress the researchers.

Drastic changes required

“We will need to build sustainable social institutions and behavior, which imitate the life, instead of systems that resist the principles of the living system,” says Jones. With a view to the time after the Corona-crisis drastic changes in the economic and social system were necessary in order to avoid the potential self-destruction of humanity, when a pandemic is only one of many possible triggers. (fp)