Coronavirus study that you can all help with as Britain enters lockdown

Coronavirus study that you can all help with as Britain enters lockdown

The streets of the UK are almost empty at the moment, as it was announced that we are all to avoid going outside except for essentials.

In what’s being called a lockdown, people are being asked to leave only for food, medicine, and to work if they can’t work from home, in the hopes it will curb the spread of coronavirus.

It’s a strange time, but if we all pull together to do our bit and stay at home, it’ll hopefully minimise the impact of the virus on the NHS and ensure as many people that need it get care and are back to full health soon.

There is also another way to play your part, and help researchers find out more about how isolation affects the mental health of us all.

This survey is being distributed by University College London and asks people to share their experiences of COVID-19, with the aim being: ‘to help develop ways to support people psychologically and socially during this outbreak.’

You do not have to be in isolation to take part, and the survey is open to anyone over 18 living in the UK.

The questions you’ll be asked will centre around your physical and mental health, whether you’re isolating, and what you’re doing to stay busy if you are.

If you’d like to take part you can do so here: UCL COVID-19 survey.

Researchers at UCL will also be providing open access statistical releases each week, which you can receive regardless of whether you did the survey or not.

You can sign up to receive these here.

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