Calling All Kitten Lovers! These L.A. Brothers Need a Home!

Calling All Kitten Lovers! These L.A. Brothers Need a Home!

Ready to meet your new favorite dynamic duo? Say hello to Tamacti Jun and Baba Voss! These brothers are the best of friends—always playing and cuddling with each other. Baba Voss is blind, so Tamacti Jun helps him feel comfortable and secure—how cute is that?

Tamacti is a very curious and sweet boy who can be a little shy and hide around new people, but don’t worry! He can usually be coaxed out with some treats or toys. Once you’re in Tamacti’s circle, he loves to follow you around and becomes super cuddly right before mealtime—this boy loves his food! He also loves all types of toys, exploring his home and hunting bugs!

Baba Voss may be blind, but that doesn’t stop him at all! He moves around his foster home with ease and seems to remember where everything is. He especially loves chasing his brother—when Tamacti is running after a laser toy, Baba Voss will chase him! Baba Voss isn’t as shy as his brother but doesn’t like to be picked up—it likely disorients him. He loves climbing and exploring and is quite the independent kitten—though he does occasionally enjoy sleeping on his foster’s lap.

If these brothers sound like your perfect pair and you live in the Los Angeles area, please complete our online adoption survey!

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