Brandenburg allows for Demos in crisis

Brandenburg allows for Demos in crisis

Brandenburg allows for Demos in Corona-crisis

16.31 PM: Around four weeks after the Start of far-reaching are the restrictions of Brandenburg, the first loosening of the Corona-restrictions decided. Smaller shops are allowed to open in the state of Brandenburg as of Wednesday of next week – even in shopping malls. This applies for up to 800 square feet of retail space, as well as for car-, Bicycle – and book dealers, as the Cabinet decided on Friday in a telephone conference. Even museums and zoos, without animal houses may open from Wednesday to hygiene requirements.

The General ban on demonstrations in Brandenburg due to the Corona-crisis is lifted. The Cabinet decided that meetings under the open sky with up to 20 people on request possible, if that is acceptable. Baptisms and burials are also allowed, with up to 20 participants.

The head of government Dietmar Woidke (SPD) said to the Corona-crisis: "We are currently still far away, not to mention a stable condition." It was now, the Corona-rules continue to be observed. Minister of the interior, Michael Stübgen (CDU) stressed that there are regional specificities in the loosening of the Corona-rules.

Emergency appeal rejected: a student must write to Berlin Abitur, in spite of Coronavirus-fear

16.21 PM: A high school graduate from Berlin, the conclusion of the tests from 20. April write on, in spite of their concerns about the Corona pandemic. The student is not entitled to an exemption, such as the administrative court of Berlin ruled on Friday. The examination was disease legal point of view, permissible.

The high school student wanted to achieve with an application for a temporary injunction that she must not participate as long to do the tests, to be taken to ensure that no danger of infection with the Coronavirus was more. She was not able to believe that the distance control of at least one and a half metres is not satisfied between the students, stated the judge.

The Senate administration have required the schools to strict protection measures. This would be sufficient, decided the judges. The student could also contribute through their own behavior to a low-risk participation in the examination.

Corona-crisis: Söder holds in the case of politicians and officials, the waiver of Salary is conceivable

15.47 PM: in the light of the Corona-crisis keeps CSU leader Markus Söder in the case of politicians and officials a waiver of salaries and diets for possible. “I think there will a total of, what relates to the governments and parliaments, and a Signal”, said the Bavarian Minister-President of the “image”newspaper on Friday. Söder stressed that this “must be decided in a joint session”. “Because it needs no Under – or outdoing the competition.”

In June, the upcoming increase in the Bundestag diets Söder said this, he could not think of currently, “not at all”. Even he himself was not in principle averse to waive the on money: “We dispense a lot of things, we would do a lot of things. I think it should make it all the same. But I’m ready for anything.“ This concerns the entire Government.

Corona-the outbreak tested on aircraft carrier: Almost 1,000 military positive

15.24 PM: According to the Coronavirus outbreak on the French aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle" have been tested for hundreds of additional military a positive effect on the Virus. In total, there are now 940 positive test results, Mary said line Gygax Généro, Central Director of the health service of the armed forces, on Friday in front of a Senate Committee. 645 sailors were negatively tested. Affected 2300 military, who were on the aircraft carrier, or with the accompanying aircraft carrier battle group. The remaining test results were not yet open, the number could still rise significantly.

On Wednesday, the number of Infected was, according to the Ministry of defence at around 670. The origin of the contamination is more open – a study to clarify the backgrounds. The crew, which was three months long in use, had more after a stop in Brest in mid-March, no external contact. Of the diseased military 20 in the hospital are, one will be traded in the ICU, so Gygax Généro. The huge warship was run on Easter Sunday in the southern French port of Toulon after the ship dozens of infections confirmed were. The military were isolated in Toulon and the surrounding area for two weeks. Reuters/Marine Nationale/EPA The French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”.

After the Coronavirus outbreak, criticism of the conditions on the ship was loud. The investigative portal Mediapart wrote that the sailors were allowed to go during the stay in Brest, on the country to see their families, some had even gone into Bars. To were at this time still no output in France, restrictions. The first case on the ship was known, therefore, at the beginning of April. Mediapart reported, citing sailors, that precautions had been relaxed after the stop in Brest to early. "The army has with our lives gespielt", the channel France Bleu quoted a Sailor who wanted to remain anonymous. According to him, have already been shown in Brest seafarers symptoms.

Shortly after Spahn-PK Lindner makes re-printing

14.06 PM: The FDP Chairman Christian Lindner has in the Corona-crisis pace of a gradual return to normality demanded. "If the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn says that the pandemic had become manageable, should haben&quot the consequences;, Lindner said on Friday the German press Agency in Berlin. It could not be that the Federal and state governments in 14 days want to discuss. "From now on, the location must be checked every week, no longer than is necessary in civil rights is interfered with."

Lindner was responding to prior Utterances, Spahns, the spread of the Corona-epidemic in Germany was as a result of the actions taken against "beherrschbar" become.

These counties are currently the hardest hit

12.58 PM: The Robert Koch Institute published a day here, the number of the Infected to the counties. Large cities are in total Pay at the top:

  • Munich: 4.848 Infected, 56 Dead
  • Hamburg: 4.005 Infected, 84 Dead
  • Cologne: 2.111 Infected, 58 Dead

Germany’s largest city has Infected, according to survey of the RKI to Friday, 4.945,, 84 Deaths reported and is, therefore, sad top.

A better comparison, the number of people Affected per 100,000 inhabitants but allows. This shows: Here is not the large cities the front, but three counties in Bavaria:

  • Kreis Tirschenreuth: 1.410 cases in 100,000 people (Total: 1025 Infected, With 82 Dead)
  • Circle Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge mountains: 757 100,000 (Total: 270 Infected, 3 Dead)
  • The circle of Neustadt an der Waldnaab: 658 100,000 (Total: 621 Infected, 28 Deaths)

The district of Heinsberg is located after the district of Rosenheim in 5th place.

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