‘You can’t catch Covid from someone who’s had a vaccine’ Dr Chris on vaccine breakthrough

‘You can’t catch Covid from someone who’s had a vaccine’ Dr Chris on vaccine breakthrough

Vaccine: Dr Chris Smith discusses transmission after vaccination

Dr Chris Smith appeared on the Jeremy Vine show to discuss the latest regarding the vaccine.

Dr Chris spoke of the brilliant breakthrough and said: “You can’t catch Covid from someone who has had the vaccine.”

Jeremy Vine said: “We don’t know if vaccinated people can still carry and transmit the virus and if they can we will not be able to get out of lockdown.

“Now we are getting some answers, right?”

Dr Chris Smith answered: “The reasons for the scepticism initially is because when the AstraZeneca vaccine during the monkey trials, the monkeys did not get severe coronavirus infection but they did still get infected and were therefor potentially capable of transmitting on the infection.

“So, people have quite legitimately pointed out that we don’t know for sure that if you have had the vaccine whether you could still catch the infection and potentially pass it on but not develop serious disease.

“It’s becoming clearer that lots of people are protected by the vaccine.

“Now there may still be the odd person who isn’t but it does look like the rate at which people can carry the infection in the wake of vaccination is low.

“This is giving politicians enormous reassurance that the strategy to try and get as many people vaccinated as fast as possible will contribute to reigning in the pandemic and the outbreaks in our country.

“This is because not only are we protecting people directly we are also now protecting people indirectly because people who have been vaccinated can’t pass it on to other people.”

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The new COVID-19 vaccines seem to be remarkably good at preventing serious illness.

However, it is still unclear how well they will curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Public Health England says that the first dose does offer protection against the virus, which is further strengthened by the second dose.

But regardless of whether a person has had one or two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, those who have had their jabs are still being urged to stick to lockdown rules as there is a chance they could still spread the virus.

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The UK government has said of the Covid vaccines: “The vaccine cannot give you COVID-19 infection, and a full course will reduce your chance of becoming seriously ill.

“We do not yet know whether it will stop you from catching and passing on the virus, but we do expect it to reduce this risk.

So, it is still important to follow the guidance in your local area to protect those around you.”

People who have had their vaccine are told to practice social distancing, wear a face mask when required, wash hands carefully and frequently and follow lockdown and COVID-19 guidance.”

It added: “The COVID-19 vaccine that you have had has been shown to reduce the chance of you suffering from COVID-19 disease.


“Each vaccine has been tested in more than 20,000 people in several different countries and shown to be safe.

“It may take a week or two for your body to build up some protection from the first dose of vaccine.

“Like all medicines, no vaccine is completely effective, so you should continue to take recommended precautions to avoid infection.

Some people may still get COVID-19 despite having a vaccination, but this should be less severe.”

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