Xena Has Lived a Life of Adventure and Is Ready to Settle Down!

Xena Has Lived a Life of Adventure and Is Ready to Settle Down!

Meet Xena, the tri-state area’s very own warrior princess!

After being found by the NYPD in poor, overcrowded living conditions in Brooklyn with nearly 30 other dogs, Xena received behavioral and medical care here at the ASPCA. Xena is now living in a foster home with our placement partners at Joyrides Rescue and looking for a loving home of her own!

Xena is a happy-go-lucky pup who would do best in a home with a fenced-in yard and a family with an active lifestyle. She is energetic and would thrive in an environment where she can play with other dogs or walk every day to get her zoomies out! She loves a good game of tug and enjoys gnawing on a chew toy. She can be a funny talker, too—if she’s waiting for a meal, looking for attention or just wants a tasty treat, she’ll cheerfully let out a “roo-roo!” 

Xena’s foster has reported that she is housetrained, does not resource guard and is happy to greet any and all humans that come her way! She has not yet met any children, so proper introductions are recommended. She is still working on her leash manners, so her ideal adopter would be able to continue working on that with her. 

Xena currently lives in New Jersey, but she is available for adoption throughout the tri-state area. Joyrides can arrange transportation if needed.

If your home might be the perfect castle for this princess, apply to adopt Xena by emailing [email protected] today!

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