Why gut health is equivalent to mental, emotional and physical health

Why gut health is equivalent to mental, emotional and physical health

Whenever you enter a place that holds a bad memory, you have a gut-wrenching feeling. It is so because a major part of memories are stored in the gut!

Believe it or not our gut is really our second brain. Have you noticed that whenever you are excited, scare, upset or happy — it affects your gut too? In fact, Dimple Jangda, founder of Prana points out that you first feel it in your gut and then in your brain.

“Over 70 per cent of serotonin aka the happiness hormone is produced in the gut, not in the heart or brain,” says Jangda.

Remember, whenever you enter a place that holds a bad memory, you have a gut-wrenching feeling, because a major part of memories are also stored in the gut that allows you to remember events with distinct image, taste, sound, and smells. 

She also points out that “when we talk about having a “gut feeling”, we are indeed right because intuition too is connected and comes from the gut.”

She adds, that the gut is directly connected to the brain through a neuron that sends signals every micro million seconds. “Which is why when you have a bad stomach, gastritis, indigestion, flatulence or bloating you cannot focus at work or in a meeting, because the gut supersedes the brain.” 

How to make sure you have a healthy gut?

A healthy gut allows you one to not only absorb but also assimilate all nutrients effectively. But an unhealthy leaky gut causes a whole lot of disorders like constipation, diarrhoea, headaches, depression, anxiety and a range of skin disorders like rosacea, eczema etc. “Your skin and hair are also directly connected to your gut health.

When the gut starts leaking, the body tries to expel toxins out through the pores in the form of sweat. But when the toxins are too big, it gets accumulated under the skin causing skin disorders” explains Jangda. 

She further adds, “Investing in your gut health is like investing in your savings account! A good Gut allows good digestion, metabolism, immune system, mental emotional and physical well being.”

Foods containing fibre and others which help aid digestion such as yoghurt, buttermilk, herbal teas, healthy spices, fermented foods, raw fruits, steamed salads are a good way to enhance the gut flora and thus overall health. 

Lastly, she suggests, “Following the circadian rhythm and intermittent fasting also is a critical part of good gut health. Ayurveda specifies virechanam: oral consumption of medicines and Basti treatment: introducing medicated oils through the colon to repair the damaged lining and replenish good healthier younger cells.”

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