Where Germany is prepared for the second wave and where not

Where Germany is prepared for the second wave and where not

Whether in the Corona-pandemic second wave in Germany, is uncertain. But a survey shows that hospitals, doctors, and communities prepared. In other Places, but there is still a need for action.

Increasing numbers of cases, unclear chains of Infection and a lot of smaller foci of infection: The fear of a so-called second Corona wave in Germany is growing. According to the evaluation of the doctors ‘ Association Marburger Bund, it is even there.

The infection are not numbers with those of March and April comparable – but what if they continue to rise?

"The municipalities and the state institutions are vorbereitet&quot the experiences of the first cases of infection significantly better;, the managing Director of the German Association of cities and Gemeindebunds, Gerd Landsberg, the German press Agency said.

In fact, such test capacity can be expanded still, and it is also more protective material is available as to the beginning of the Crisis. Concern a lack of risk awareness prepare in the population. An Overview.

"Municipalities, hospitals and doctor’s offices are much better ausgestattet"

Protective materials such as masks were at the beginning of the Corona-pandemic lack of goods. The cities and municipalities are now better prepared.

Together with the Federal government and the länder, according to the Association of towns and municipalities Federal "in a large Umfang" Protective equipment and masks were procured. "Even when the procurement market is of course tense, continue to, are local authorities, hospitals and doctor ausgestattet&quot practices much better;, it is called the Association. The country district is also expecting with no bottlenecks. dpa

And also in the practices of the established house and specialists had been provides the needed protection materials pre-informed the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung. The priority is the task of the countries and the civil protection authorities, stressed by the Chairman, Andreas streets.

The KBV-chief also refers to the experiences that were made during the first Phase of the pandemic about the establishment of test centres and special Corona practices. This could "jederzeit" be re-enabled.

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More staff in health authorities, the Association still fails with Alarm

The health departments take a Central role in the prosecution of the chain of Infection. According to a survey conducted by the German Association of cities, the health departments have increased their staff in the Corona-crisis.

The Association of the Physicians of the Public health service still fails with alert: "During the first pandemic wave, many health departments have doubled their staff almost. But this is now largely removed worden", the Chairman Ute Teichert says. In increasing Numbers, more staff is needed to be able to infections keep track of.

The local authorities are optimistic that they can tax if required, in a timely manner after-tax. "That this is achieved, the counties actually have the local outbreaks and their rapid containment since March 2020 gezeigt", Jörg Freese says the German district Council.

In the case of an emergency there is a need for additional staff is also Gerd Landsberg from the cities and municipalities safe. Therefore, it should now also be established a personnel reserve, says Landsberg.

Risk awareness in the population is

Concern a weakening risk awareness in the population prepares experts. Many people feel safer today than they were a quarter of a year the surveys show.

The Robert-Koch Institute, complained last rules of negligence in the compliance with the code. Pandemics are a "creeping Krise", therefore, the crisis of consciousness should be kept alive, even if in the meantime, not much happening, says the Director of the Institute for crisis research, Kiel, Frank Roselieb.

People were less on rules of conduct, if they were not sanctioned for the long term. "Here are the AHA rules of a pandemic, not road signs, not würden&quot work without radar controls also differ;, rose declares love.

Hospitals gain important experience

The hospitals have been able to collect, according to the hospital Association in the past months experiences that come to you for a possible second wave of Good. "This applies to the cooperation of different hospitals in regional networks, the training of staff in respiratory medicine, or for the Ablauforganisation", chief Executive Georg Baum says.

Also insulating the room would still be free. "The hospitals are well on a possible second wave vorbereitet", tree accounted for.

9000 free intensive care beds

In the case of intensive-care beds, which can be used for the treatment of Corona patients, there is still capacity. The Register of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and emergency medicine (Divi) reported last approximately 9000 free intensive care beds.

This corresponds to a share of around 42 percent in comparison to the total number of around 21.300 registered intensive care beds. About 1200 hospital sites in Germany that currently report their capacity. dpa/Peter Kneffel/dpabild A doctor in an intensive care bed-room in a patient.

Still 73 Days Of Warning Time

Acute Overload of the health system, the Central Institute of ambulatory health care (Zi) does not currently. Daily the Institute against the Background of the current infection events calculated to remain, how much time until the in-patient treatment would have exceeded capacity.

Currently, this warning time is 73 days. Although an impending Overload of the health system is still far, in the past few weeks, this indicator was slightly down.

Test capacity to grow still

The test of capacity for so-called PCR testing is growing in Germany, according to information provided by the Accredited laboratories in medicine (ALM) is still continuous. The ALM-laboratories carry out 85 percent of all Corona-Tests.

Were evaluated at the beginning of April, it had around 330,000 per week, is the test of capacity is currently around 985.000 Tests in Germany. Although only half of the capacity (55 percent) is currently in the claim, the utilization rate rose most recently, but also because in many places, the last free trial was launched offers for travelers from high-risk countries.

In many States teachers, educators and carers regular Tests without a specific reason to are also. dpa/Sebastian Gollnow/dpa/icon image smear for the test procedures for the Virus in SARS-CoV-2.

Great hopes into the alarm App to the clumsy Start

The Corona-Warning App in March, was not yet available, now great hopes are connected with it. However, the Start was bumpy, various Smartphones had to struggle with technical problems. With the latest Version of technical difficulties should be eliminated on the iPhone from Apple.

The App is designed to help the chain of Infection follow up and interrupt. Currently, further versions are in planning, such as in Arabic and Russian. So far, there is the on 16. June in Germany, launched the App in German, English and Turkish. It was downloaded 16.6 million Times.

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