We've Launched a New Youtube Series!

We've Launched a New Youtube Series!

This Monday, alongside our SUPER exciting August – special Olympics edition – issue, we revealed our fresh, new Youtube Series: Ask An Athlete.

The series, which kicks off with three of our August cover stars, Ellie Cole, Charlotte Caslick and Linden Hall, will bring you a bunch of interviews with some of the country’s top-performing athletes. We ask them all the important questions, as they lead us through a day in the life, how they got to where they are, and what they have their sights set on next.


To kick things off, Charlotte Ellie and Linden saw down with us on the set of their August issue photoshoot to discuss what it’s like being a female in their respective sports, how they’ve been preparing for the Olympics, and so much more!

What better time than too highlight the incredible achievements of female athletes around the country than just over a week before the long-awaited Tokyo Olympic Games! Watch them below, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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