Water melon seeds: Healthy Superfood is full of vitamins and minerals – natural healing naturopathic specialist portal

Water melon seeds: Healthy Superfood is full of vitamins and minerals – natural healing naturopathic specialist portal

Water melon seeds: Ideal for salad, cereal and Bread

The water melon is the best known and probably the most popular melon in the country. You quencher is healthy, low in calories, and thanks to the high percentage of Water and a real thirst. A lot of people not eating but the seeds. Numerous important nutrients are in them.

Especially in the hot summer months, it is important to drink a lot. Also, the consumption of watermelons ensures a proper fluid intake. The cores should not be removed, but better. Finally, they are full of healthy ingredients.

Water melon seeds chew thoroughly


The watermelon is the ideal summer snack. Due to the high water content of up to 95 per cent, it is extremely low in calories and refreshing. 100 grams of ripe fruit meat provide less than 40 calories. In addition, carotene contained in the pumpkin greenhouse Vitamin A and C, potassium and Beta -.

The black seeds are, unfortunately, discarded frequently. In the process, nutrients such as B vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, iron and minerals such as Magnesium and calcium put in them. The Federal centre for nutrition (BZfE) points out in a recent communication.


In addition, the small power packages deliver valuable fiber, which stimulate digestion. It is important, however, to chew the watermelon seeds thoroughly, because otherwise, you can irritate the gut. In addition, the useful nutrients will not be released if the seeds remain whole. The BZfE advises a moderate consumption.


In Arab countries, the seeds can be nibbled as a Snack. To do this you will be dissolved from the pulp, and then on a kitchen towel or oven dried.

More flavor is formed when the black seeds such as sunflower seeds briefly in a frying pan with a little olive oil and salt, roast. If you like it sweet, caramelized them and using them as edible decoration, for example, for Desserts.

Roasted watermelon seeds are also suitable for soups and salads and make bread and rolls, nice and crispy.


Those who do not chew the food better, but also not on the health benefits want to do without, can give the dried kernels in a coffee grinder to grind the nutritious powder to Smoothies, Porridge and yoghurt with fruit.

For a water melonentee the seeds are crushed with a mortar, and then hot water is poured. The summer drink can also be made with fresh melon pieces or watermelon juice, and on hot days, on ice drunk sweetened.

The latest Trend is, according to the BZfE but the “water melon seed butter”. Similar to sesame seeds, almonds, pistachios and chickpeas, the most delicious melon to be processed cores to a creamy spread on Bread. (ad)

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