Trump boasts all-encompassing Power, the counterattack follows immediately Macron challenge Merkel in Corona-crisis

Trump boasts all-encompassing Power, the counterattack follows immediately Macron challenge Merkel in Corona-crisis

The Coronavirus spreads: In Germany, 2994 people are already as a result of Covid-19 died, 126.608 are currently infected with the Virus. Worldwide, more than 1.7 million Corona cases were registered. Meanwhile, the United States recorded the most cases. All the information about the Corona-crisis you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

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Corona-mass infection in nursing home in Schleswig-Holstein

08.34 PM: In a nursing home In Rümpel in Bad Oldesloe is a mass infection with the Coronavirus came. 53 of the 70 residents were tested positive, informed the circle Stormarn. Of the 60 employees, 19 positive test results are available to date. Further positive test results be expected, both for the residents as well as staff members. The device is already available since Thursday under quarantine, as the first two positive Tests were known. The residents are mainly dementia or psychologically striking.

The message from Rümpel threw on Monday, the schleswig-Holstein Figures on new infections on the pile, which had been reported in the morning. In Schleswig-Holstein, the number of reported infections with the novel Coronavirus was increased accordingly, to 2135. Thus, the number of detected Infected have increased compared to the previous day to 22, informed the state government. According to the current state 157 Covid-19 patients are currently in inpatient treatment, six more than the previous day.

Macron challenges in the Corona-crisis-Merkel

Top news (06.14 PM): Emmanuel Macron wants to be in the Corona a crisis of courage and ambition from its EU partners to see. For Europe, the pandemic, with tens of thousands of deaths, is a "The moment of Wahrheit" and a "The moment the new Grundlage", the French head of state told his countrymen on Monday night in a 30-minute TV address. "I’m going to try to give us in Europe, to haben&quot to more unity and solidarity;, the Credo of the 42-Year-old.

The appeal Macrons for the South of Europe are of particular importance. France, like Italy and Spain-to the countries entering the crisis for a common European borrowing via the so-called Corona-Bonds. For Germany and the Netherlands the issue of community bonds, for the economic reconstruction of the continent is off-limits.

Macron did not in his speech explicitly on this argument. However, the message to Berlin is clear: The Lord of the Élyséepalastes with its most important EU partners, the concept of "fertile Konfrontation" track. In addition to compromises and common ground there are differences of opinion that are also named open. Reuters/Mathieu Cugnot/EPA POOL/AP/dpa , the President of France Emmanuel Macron wants to emerge strengthened from the crisis to come.

When you already laced rescue package that the Europeans of more than 500 billion euros Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) moved in together and mediated behind the Scenes. The negotiations of the Minister of Finance were long and tough and it came down to the axis Berlin-Paris. The French economic and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said that the two EU-core countries have played a significant role from the beginning, United shown.

The stuttering Franco-German engine starts so considering the scale of the crisis. In the Paris Central of the EU heads of state will be for the round – and heads of government joint proposals with Berlin in prospect. It is Reportedly a stronger industrial independence of Europe, for example, in the manufacture of drugs. For the proud Frenchman, it was a devastating experience to be on an air-bridge with protection masks from China rely. Macron extended the output restrictions in the heavily affected by the epidemic the country is now up to 11. May.

A common start-up should also be in the billions over a number of years the current community budget, to which the Europeans could not agree on. "The German-French work does not consider an", it is from the Élyséepalast.

Macron is now playing with fire again. The former up-and-comer was allied with the supporters of Corona-Bonds to a coalition that was directed against Merkel, commenting on the magazine "Le Point". It was risky – the conservative predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, which ruled from 2007 to 2012, and the hapless socialist, François Hollande, held from 2012 to 2017, the threads in the Hand, would have strained his back in a similar endeavor.

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Here you will find the currently reported Figures by the health ministries of the countries.

  • Baden-Württemberg: 24.898 (702 Deaths)
  • Bavaria: 33.329 (834 Deaths)
  • Berlin: 4667 (56 Deaths)
  • Brandenburg: 2075 (59 Deaths)
  • Bremen: 489 (20 Deaths)
  • Hamburg: 3887 (56 Deaths)
  • Hesse: 6093 (136 Deaths)
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 617 (11 Deaths)
  • Lower Saxony: 7951 (212 Deaths)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: 26.984 (613 Deaths)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: 4842 (71 Deaths)
  • Saarland: 2138 (57 Deaths)
  • Saxony: 3802 (69 Deaths)
  • Saxony-Anhalt: 1210 (25 Deaths)
  • Schleswig-Holstein: 2135 (45 Deaths)
  • Thuringia: 1491 (28 Deaths)

Total: 13.04., 20.00: 126.608 (2994 Deaths)

Stand from the day before: 12.04., 20.30: 124.239 (2834 Deaths)

Source to be Infected – and death-figures: country health and social ministries.


Reported corona virus cases in Germany (click on your state)


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Corona-crisis: Trump brags with "all-encompassing Macht", Counter follows immediately

08.38 PM: In the dispute over a loosening of the restrictions of public life in the United States has a President Donald Trump with the Decision-making authority and Detroit. He had the question of the re-opening of America as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, the "all-encompassing Macht", Trump said on Monday evening (local time) in the White house. He was responding to Remarks from governors of several U.S. States, which had previously declared, to the lifting of restrictions imposed in an uncoordinated manner. Trump said: "If someone is the President of the United States, he Makes all-encompassing." Alex Brandon/AP/dpa

In the United States have adopted due to the novel Coronavirus in the meantime, almost all the Federal States own output restrictions. Trumps government has also recommended for the whole country, precautions should still apply until the end of April. Trump said he will work together in the decision to an easing closely with the governors. Vice-President Mike Pence defended trump’s Expression, and said, this have in the event of a crisis, unrestricted powers. The Power of a US President is limited constitutionally, however, the separation of powers and federalism.

The Governor of the particularly affected the state of New York, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, disagreed with Trump’s decision. "The President has Power not all-encompassing. We have a Constitution, we have no König", Cuomo told the news channel CNN. Also, a country-wide crisis is not putting the Constitution in force, he said. Reuters/Mark Lennihan/AP/dpa of The U.S. state of New York, particularly in the Coronavirus affected.

The Republicans Trump wants to loosen the Coronavirus-restrictions due to the impending severe economic crisis as soon as possible again. Cuomo had declared on Monday that he and his colleagues from five other North-Eastern States would vote in the case of decisions to a loosening of the restrictions closely. The other States were New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Delaware. On the West coast of California wanted to vote with multiple States.

The largest curfew of the world: India is extended up to 3. May

08.03 PM: India has its strict curfew of up to 3. May be extended. Until the beginning of next week, will checked also in every district, whether he adhered to the strict rules, said India’s Prime Minister Narendra modi in a televised address on Tuesday. Then it could give, where appropriate, in Non-Covid-19-Hotspots, some of the relaxations. Currently, you have to get out to buy food and medicines, and in the case of emergencies. Modes, said that his country was limited, due to the rapid action of the spread of the Virus better than other Nations.

In the second most populous country after China, with its 1.3 billion inhabitants, there are now more than 10,000 confirmed Covid-19-cases, and more than 300 Infected died. The Numbers could be too low, because the country is testing comparatively little. The curfew is for three weeks.

Particularly hard, the measures have met a lot of day laborers and migrant workers who lost their work and many of whom are afraid to starve. Modes indicated in his speech for more help for you. He called on the people to respect health-care workers, the fight against Covid-19,. There had been several reports that health care workers were conducting corona tests, or attacked, or of the owners of the apartment have been referred to. Modes insured that the food supply was ensured.

Karliczek for mouth protection is mandatory

06.41 PM: Federal Minister of education, Anja Karliczek (CDU) has been the proposal of experts welcomed the loosening of the Corona-measures with a mouth guard duty to connect. "All precautions, such as the distance and the hygiene of bids must be strictly adhered to and, in addition, a mouth, must be nose-to-protection in public space werden", Karliczek the &quot said;Passauer New Presse" (Tuesday’s edition). In addition, more Corona would have to take place in the population of Tests. dpa/Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpabild Anja Karliczek (CDU), Federal Minister for education.

The Federation and the Länder Karliczek on the decision about the loosening of the measures is a Herculean task. "It is one of the most difficult forecast decisions, the meeting had the policy in our country for a long time. Perhaps the most difficult since the inception of the Bundesrepublik" the CDU-politician said. She stressed that even in the case of a Levelling of the infection curve, the return to normality gently introduced had to be. Important the end to be far-reaching Tests.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Minister, advised on Wednesday about a possible easing in the Corona-measures. On Monday, the national Academy Leopoldina had presented recommendations for the return to normality. The experts recommend, among other things, a mask of duty in passenger transport and a gradual re-opening of the schools.

A percent of people in the U.S. state of New York, Corona infected

05.57 PM: In the U.S. state of New York has, in the meantime, every Hundredth inhabitant with the Coronavirus infected. As the "Washington Post" writes, meanwhile, are ill, about 195,000 people there. The number of inhabitants of the state is about to 19.45 million. A percent, which is in international comparison a horrendously high number. Even Corona Hotspots in Italy or Spain for a maximum of about 0.3 percent. In Germany, the number with about 126,000 confirmed cases is about 83 million inhabitants is still significantly lower (0.15 per cent). dpa/Braulio Jatar/SOPA Images via ZUMA Wire/dpa “Thank you”: The thanks goes to the medical staff. The USA have now reported in absolute Numbers, globally the majority of deaths due to the Corona epidemic.

Easing of the Anti-Corona measures: Austria starts today, first stage

05.34 PM: Austria begins today, Tuesday, after four weeks in the emergency mode with the easing of the Anti-Corona measures. In a first step, all the small shops with less than 400 square meters of retail space, as well as the construction and the garden may open markets. Is connected the procedure with strict conditions. All customers and employees are required to wear Mouth guards, the minimum distance of one metre is to be observed, and the number of customers in the sales area is limited. The Cover of the mouth and nose by a special protection or a scarf will in all means of public transport for duty. Also, the output restrictions will remain in place until the end of April.

Trump filed a complaint in Corona-crisis "all-encompassing Macht" for and respond to journalists ‘ criticism

03.33 PM: In the dispute over a loosening of the restrictions of public life in the United States has a President Donald Trump with the Decision-making authority and Detroit. He had the question of the re-opening of America as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, the "all-encompassing Macht", Trump said on Monday evening (local time) in the White house. He was responding to Remarks from governors of several U.S. States, which had previously declared, to the lifting of restrictions imposed in an uncoordinated manner. Trump said: "If someone is the President of the United States, he Makes all-encompassing."

Trump responded on Monday evening to criticism and defended his handling of the corona virus-crisis in a heated exchange with journalists. Trump defended himself against accusations that he was too late to react. First, he explained in detail what measures he had taken since the outbreak. Then he left in a Video, a montage of statements from numerous people – including governors, health experts, and journalists – play, praising his work in the crisis.

"We can zeigen&quot hundreds of such Clips;, Trump said. "It is very sad when people write false stories." No one recognize, what had been done in the past few weeks. Trump was directly related to an article in the "New York Times" from the weekend, in which, the hesitant Actions of the White house had been documented. Journalists in the room, before throwing the Trump, government employees have produced a Video in the style of trump’s campaign team. The TV-transmitter CNN summed up the press conference with the following words: "Angry Trump turns Briefing in Propaganda Sitzung".

US immigration stop from Europe remains for the time being

01.35 PM: The entry stop in the USA for foreigners from Europe remains for the time being. Italy and Spain in the Corona-crisis is still not good and France have just renewed measures to contain the Virus, said U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday evening (local time) in the White house. Currently a &quot applicable;very starker" Entry stop and this will stay in force until the countries, said Trump. When this is the case, wool, one entry stop "very schnell" finish, made Trump clearly. "But we want to make sure that all is well."

Turkish Parliament wants to leave because of Corona of thousands of prisoners free

Tuesday, 14. April, 00.09 am: The Turkish Parliament adopted a controversial bill to release tens of thousands of prisoners due to the Corona-crisis grants. The draft was the adoption by the members "to act geworden", it was said in an official Twitter message from the European Parliament in Ankara on Monday evening. Human rights groups had not practiced sharp criticism of the draft law, because it includes political prisoners.

The law provides for the release of approximately 90,000 inmates from overcrowded prisons because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Of political prisoners accused under the controversial anti-terror laws of Turkey are excluded. Human Rights Watch had criticized the project, therefore, sharp. The writers ‘ Association PEN had claimed, in view of the unhygienic conditions in many Turkish prisons also imprisoned journalists and human rights activists allow free.

Israel imposed further output restrictions for Passover-the end

23.20 PM: Israel has more output restrictions at the end of the week, the Jewish Passover is to be imposed. From Tuesday to Thursday, the citizens should not leave their cities and villages, informed the right-wing conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday evening. In Jerusalem the people would have to remain in the designated areas. The government had on several occasions expressed concern that meetings of the Passover could fuel the spread of the Coronavirus solid. Already at the start of the Festival the middle of last week, the government had imposed a curfew.


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