Three more coronavirus Deaths in Heinsberg – Italy extended curfew

Three more coronavirus Deaths in Heinsberg – Italy extended curfew

In the Corona, with the crisis in public life is coming more and more to a Standstill. In Germany it is Infected there are currently 45 deaths and nearly 15,000 are confirmed Corona. Worldwide, there are over 200,000 Infected. All the information about the Corona-crisis you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

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Output restrictions in Austria extended until Easter Monday

Top news (11.13 PM): In Austria, the starting restrictions to combat the spread of Coronavirus to three weeks. It thus applies to Easter Monday, the 13. April, said Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz on Friday in Vienna.

Travel warning apply until the end of April for the Easter holidays

Top news (10.26 a.m.): The travel warning by the Federal government because of the Corona-crisis is initially valid until the end of April including the Easter holidays. The Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) announced on Friday on Twitter.

Chancellery chief to curfews: Saturday is the key day – phone unlock with Merkel 20 PM

Top news (8.22 PM): Chancellery chief Helge Braun, has declared Saturday as a key day in the decision about possible curfews because of the Coronavirus, referred to. "We will anschauen&quot the behavior of the population this weekend;, the CDU-politician said the "Spiegel". "Saturday is a crucial day that we have especially in view."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants to advise on Sunday evening with the Prime Minister of the country in a conference call. It should also be about whether and when to output to lock to be imposed. Several heads of government had threatened to block on Thursday with the output.

"On Saturday, people meet up, traditionally, with each other, because they haben&quot free;, brown said. "But that’s not going away from the core family currently, unfortunately. This must now be set. This is not done, it may happen that also in the Federal States, further measures will be adopted, although we want to avoid actually."

He noted, "that the population understands the measures and is ready for you to restrict social life. And if we look to neighboring countries that have already imposed curfews, then, is clear: That would be a huge additional Belastung".

According to information from FOCUS Online, the telephone is the Prime Minister, with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) for the evening of Sunday 20 at unlock provided. From the environment of several of the Prime Minister, it was said, however, it is quite possible that individual heads of government to lock out before starting for their countries ahead.

Since the incisions for the population are considerable, will want to put most of the Prime Minister, this step only as a last resort, to eye. Belongs to Saxony’s Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer (CDU), for example. Also, the Rhineland–Palatinate Minister-President Malu Dreyer (SPD) has been shown previously on this issue very reluctant. Saarland Minister President Tobias, Hans (CDU) considers the uniform rules for the best way.

But in the end, the country heads will have also the specific risk situation in their country in the eye. The Saarland, for example, is exposed to, also because of its proximity to the French crises in the Region Grand – Est-specific risks. At the time of telephone conferences are held in different formats. Even today.

As the first major city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Leverkusen has banned, with immediate effect, meetings under the open sky. Two or more people may only be out together when you live together. The city adopted a corresponding generally available. Meetings "at the completion of errands to cover the daily Bedarfs" – for example in queues or from "mandatory professional Gründen" don’t be also prohibited. "Leverkusen has no curfew erlassen", a spokeswoman for the city said.

Also Baden-Württemberg prepares due to the Coronavirus, a branch of ban for public places. The German press Agency learned on Friday from government circles. The city of Freiburg had on Thursday due to the Corona pandemic is already a so-called barring pronounced. It is intended for public from this Saturday until 3. April apply. dpa Empty streets in Freiburg. Here, an output is due to the Coronavirus lock

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“Could be the key”: researchers discover antibody against Covid-19 in Lamas

PCP “Could be the key”: researchers discover antibody against Covid-19 in Lamas



Number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Germany rise to 14.995 – 44 deaths

Here you will find the currently reported Figures by the health ministries of the countries.

Baden-Württemberg: 2748 (11 Deaths)

Bavaria: 2282 (13 Deaths)

Berlin: 688

Brandenburg: 204

Bremen: 80

Hamburg: 506 (1 Death)

Hesse: 740 (1 Death)

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 133

Lower Saxony: 981

North Rhine-Westphalia: 4743 (16 deaths/district of Heinsberg particularly affected)

Rhineland-Palatinate: 749 (2 Deaths)

Saarland: 217

Saxony: 389

Saxony-Anhalt: 174

Schleswig-Holstein: 253 (1 Death)

Thuringia: 108

Total (State-19.03., 20.23 PM): 14.995 in (45 Dead, at least 113 of the Healed)

Stand from the day before (18.03., 20.35 PM): 12.300 (34 Dead, at least 105 Healed)

Source to be Infected – and death-figures: country health and social Affairs ministries, to be Healed source: John Hopkins University, Corona Resource Center

Important telephone numbers in case of Coronavirus is suspected

The government recommends that: In the case of Covid-19-symptoms is it to call better, instead of sitting in the waiting room.

  • 116 117: A Doctor’s On-Call Service
  • 115: Unitary Authorities Number
  • 0800 011 77 22: Independent Patient Counselling Germany
  • 030 346 465 100: citizens telephone of the Federal Ministry of health
  • “target=”_blank” class=”HP-tracking-comlinks ps-trackingname_FOLJAM_11741568 external link” title=”click Here for a free video consultation at the doctor” rel=”nofollow”>Coronavirus-suspected? Click here for a free video consultation with the doctor

Read More about Corona-epidemic you can read here in the Ticker from FOCUS Online

Söder is a further Corona-measures

9.51 PM: Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) wants to in the morning for more Corona-measures. The Bayerische Rundfunk reported. The Statement is scheduled for 12.30 PM.

“Anti-social hamster purchases” stop: Hanauer mayor wants emergency use police

9.23 PM: The Hanau’s Lord mayor Claus Kaminsky (SPD) has announced that, if necessary, also with drastic measures, hamster purchases prevent to want. The town hall chief said the private radio station Hit Radio FFH: Should show his Appeals had no effect, he wanted to use the city police to Monitor.

Kaminsky said in Detail: “When it comes to purchases is actually such an anti-social hamster, then we will intervene as a city. I can imagine that with our city police and also a piece is to be monitored, only in the usual quantities of certain basic foods to be purchased. This is the last resort. But I hab's expressly envisaged in the future.“

Recently, there were reports that citizens stock up on oversized stock quantities of food and goods of daily needs. Policy and trade emphasized, however, that there is no need for it. The supply was secured.

Doctors President: Can limitations not months, to continue

8.01 PM: The unprecedented restrictions in everyday life due to the Coronavirus to the view of the doctors President Klaus Reinhardt already clear at the time indicated. "I don’t think we what do we do now, for months to continue können", Reinhardt said the editorial network Germany (RND/Friday). "The Fears and Worries would überfordern&quot the people psychologically;, the head of the Federal chamber of physicians has warned.

Reinhardt requested to work on an exit scenario. "We need to make thoughts for the day X, when the current measures such as school closures and will be terminated." People over 65 years and other at-risk groups such as chronically Sick should prepare themselves to the fact that the restrictions then applicable to you even longer. "We need comprehensive measures to deal with this population isolate, whereas the public life back to normal gradually. The question of how these people can be supplied with everything vital to your home, without having to go on the road heard."

Output Reinhardt refused to lock clear. "In order to create a spooky atmosphere, the scares, the people extremely. This can also lead to solidarity in the society, to which we now urgently need, falls apart."

Customs seized protective masks and protective clothing company in NRW

7.56 PM: The customs has the European distribution center of the US company 3M in Jüchen controlled and according to "Rheinischer Post" for Export respiratory protection masks and protective clothing for medical personnel seized. "The customs was at 3M on-site to verify compliance with the legislation for exporting goods. Everything else is subject to the Steuergeheimnis", a spokesman for the main customs office Krefeld the &quot said;RP". The General Directorate of customs in Bonn, the control at 3M confirmed on Thursday to Reuters request, said but also on the outcome of the action.

The company said: "The customs authority Mönchengladbach today on the site of our European distribution center in Jüchen shipment of goods for Export in Switzerland pending kontrolliert", a company said spokeswoman for the "RP". Immediately after imposition of the export restrictions at the beginning of March, you have set the export of the goods concerned. The product concerned was found to be verified in the shipping warehouse and will now be subjected to, together with the customs authorities for further evaluation. The European Headquarters of 3M could not be reached Thursday evening for comment.

Coronavirus: the Second death case in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate

6.56 PM: In the state of Rheinland-Pfalz is the second person of the consequences of an infection with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 died. It was a 80-Year-old from the district of Mayen-Koblenz, notified the circle on Friday in Koblenz. The man had been treated after the infection as an inpatient in a Koblenz hospital, and died there. A spokeswoman for the Mainz Ministry of social Affairs said that according to current information, the second case of death in connection with the Coronavirus in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Previously, an 84-year-old woman from the West forest circle, died of the consequences of the infection.

Residents smuggle tourists illegally to Fehmarn

6.52 PM: On Sunday, inform the Minister-President of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Schleswig-Holstein and lower Saxony from Monday all the Islands in the North sea and the Baltic sea for tourists to lock. Since the arranged in the block for tourists the number of tourists decreases. But supposedly, not everyone keeps up on the Baltic sea island of Fehmarn to the ban. Like the “Kiel news” reports, would get some of the landlords guest with the private car on the closed off island.

There are landlords on the island, would not be interested in the holiday ban on, quote, the “Kieler Nachrichten” a Fehmarnerin. “The work around the barriers the Police by driving their private vehicles to the island, the holidaymakers at an agreed place in the surrounding locations, meeting and then on the island.” Guests were still on the island on the move, “said quite bluntly” that you want to stay in spite of prohibition.

Also in the case of the Kiel state office is received, according to the report, a corresponding note. Appropriate measures had been taken, a government spokesman. The police checked at the entrance to the Fehmarn sound bridge, the license plate of vehicles that pass by.

"None of us gehört": Manufacturer of protective clothing to attack Spahn

6.45 PM: Achim Theiler makes the Federal Minister of health personally responsible for the fact that it is in the past few days and weeks to bottlenecks in the supply of protective masks in hospitals came from. Theiler is the managing Director of the company Franz man, making self-hygiene, clothing and protective masks and distributes. Compared to the “mirror” said Theiler now that he had warned in an E-Mail to the Minister of health of the developments. "We have counselled, and none of us gehört", so, Theiler. “This is gross negligence and aggravated the crisis unnecessarily.”

Theiler have according to his own statement, at 5. February pointed out in a Mail to Jens Spahn, that there would soon be a bottleneck. He had called to check the inventories in the hospitals and emergency services and to reserve goods in case of manufacturers.

The background was the stop of deliveries from China. Theiler had offered his help, as his company had reserved 1.5 million mouth protection and 200,000 respirators to ensure the General supply. You have chosen to not sell to any new customers.

When he got no answer, I Theiler on 10. February again a Mail to Spahn sent and the urgency pointed out. dpa/Michael Kappeler/dpa , Jens Spahn is due to the Corona-crisis, his birthday didn’t go as planned celebrations.

In a reply of the Federal Ministry of health (BMG) to the “mirror” States that the procurement of personal protective equipment through the procurement office of the German armed forces will be coordinated. There, the contact has been redirected.

“This is the usual procedure for tenders in relation to the personal protective equipment. For an answer to the many offers we had to abandon due to the prioritization of the tasks in the exception situation. The BMG was also already in February, with manufacturers and the countries in the conversation, in order to determine the supply situation“, the report says.

California imposed a curfew in the whole of the U.S. state of

6.19 PM: The Governor of California Gavin Newsom has the entire population of the West coast state called to stay at home. The curfew for nearly 40 million people should enter in the night of Friday, in force, told Newsom on Thursday evening (local time). California is the first state in the United States, to adopt such a far-reaching support in the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus. Before these restrictions were in force already for several counties in the San Francisco Bay area.

The necessary government departments, service facilities and major shops, including grocery stores and pharmacies, but should remain open, – said Newsom. Restaurants can continue to deliver food. Californians are allowed to go for a Walk, however, you need to keep on the road from each other distance. Rich Pedroncelli/AP/dpa Gavin Newsom

Newsom expects about 25 million Coronavirus infections in the US West coast state. Nearly 60 percent of the population could be infected in the next eight weeks with the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2, wrote Newsom in a on Thursday published a letter to the US President Donald Trump. In some Parts of California, the case would double in numbers every four days.

In the Letter, the Governor requests the immediate deployment of a hospital ship to dock at the port of Los Angeles. At the Congress in Washington, Newsom, Federal assistance in the amount of one billion dollars for medical care and for other relief measures, while the Covid-19-requested by crisis.

Again, no new local infections in China

3.32 PM: For the second Time in a row since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus in the beginning of January, China has country-wide no local infections reported. However, the number of the Infected who came from abroad in the people’s Republic rose again. The Beijing health Commission, announced on Friday, were 39 new "import Fälle" registered, i.e., diseases that have been detected in people at the entry to China. This was five more than the previous day. It was the highest increase of cases, which were from abroad. This stirs up Fears of a possible second propagation of the wave. Total now 228 &quot were;importierte" Infections counted.

To prevent the spread of the invasive cases, as far as possible, apply strict quarantine measures for people arriving from abroad. China must, however, also complain more Covid-19-Dead. On Friday three of the Dead were added, according to the Commission, bringing the total number of victims increased to 3248 cases. In total, were registered on the Chinese mainland 80 967 Infected, of which approximately 71.150 recovering.

Argentina responded with a curfew on Coronavirus

2.00 PM: In Argentina, the government has a far-reaching curfew imposed. Up to the 31. March is not allowed to leave the people their homes and apartments, as President Alberto Fernández said on Thursday after a Meeting with the governors of the South American country. Were only allowed to run errands in the nearby grocery stores and pharmacies.

Some occupational groups are excluded from the curfew, and can continue to go to work: Doctors, nurses and police officers, employees in the food-, pharmaceutical – and petrochemical industry, employees of supermarkets and pharmacies, as well as Employees of logistics companies.

Who will for no reason in Free found, could be prosecuted for crimes against public health, it said. Police officers should patrol the streets and the curfew to enforce. The goal is to slow down the infections and to prevent an Overload on the health system, said the head of state Fernández.

In Argentina there are currently 128 confirmed Coronavirus cases. Three people have so far died of the disease Covid-19. The government has already closed at the beginning of the week, the boundaries, teaching in schools for two weeks, suspended and people urged to stay at home.

Trump says the G7 summit in Camp David due to Coronavirus

Friday, 20. March, 00.14 am: The US government has in June in the United States planned summit meeting of seven leading economic Nations because of the Coronavirus pandemic cancelled. Instead of a meeting in Camp David in Washington, there will be a video conference, such as the White house said on Thursday evening (local time). President Donald Trump will discuss, in addition, also in April and may, with his colleagues of the G7 countries by video conference, the way forward in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, it said further.

For the preparation of the summit in the Central Government a lot of money, energy and personnel would have been spent, which is currently used is better for the fight against the Covid-19-epidemic, said an official of the U.S. government. The leaders of the G7 Nations would vote to remain closely in order to secure the health of their population and the Well-being of the world economy, said the officials.

Trump had declared in the past year, first of all, to the G7 summit in one of his Hotels in Miami hold. The decision was met with much criticism. He was accused of, to use his own property for official purposes and to benefit financially from his presidency. Trump relented and suggested as an Alternative, the country seat of the US government, Camp, David. Trump is 2020 to host the G7 summit and was able to select the place. The Meeting should be of 10. to 12. June take place.

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