This Brilliant Teacher Taught His Students Science to the Tune of a T-Swift Song & It's Actually a Bop

This Brilliant Teacher Taught His Students Science to the Tune of a T-Swift Song & It's Actually a Bop

Basically the entire world is in their Taylor Swift era right now (even celebrities are taking their kids to The Eras Tour!), and one teacher decided to take advantage of that. While some people might try to discourage their students from singing to Taylor Swift in the classroom, Mr. Connolly is doing the just the opposite. He is a Pennsylvania-based Special Ed/Learning Support and Gifted teacher, who wrote a song about the water cycles set to a T. Swift tune — and it’s the catchiest way to learn science we’ve ever seen!

Connolly has 36.7 thousand followers on Instagram and 127.9 thousand on TikTok. He posted a reel last month of himself standing in front of a white board in his elementary school classroom. As he points out the different stages of the water cycle on the screen, his students are singing a new jingle set to Swift’s “Blank Space” song.

He captioned the post on Instagram, “Learn the water cycle stages to @taylorswift classic song Blank Space!” He also added a bunch of hashtags including #scienceisfun and #Swiftie.  

The video starts like this: “Water cycle goes on forever … it can come down like rain. We call that participation. Hmm..”

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They went on, “Hot sun shines down and hovers. Here’s where it gets insane … Turns into water vapor AND E-VAP-OR-ATES!”

At the end, the students sing, “Yeah I know my water cycle … its stuck in my brain!”

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Get these kids on a KidzBop album ASAP because they are seriously good! You can tell this teacher is having a ton of fun with them. And what a great way to help them learn and memorize this stuff!

In fact, according to the ChildCare Education Institute, singing or making music in the classroom helps calm and improve the mood; improves cognitive development (including making these memorable); increases coordination and motor skills; helps with emotional development; helps spark imagination and creativity; improves language and literary skills; and promotes teamwork. Those benefits are on top of it being just plain fun!

Connolly (who also goes by Mr. C), has numerous lessons set to favorite pop songs. This includes skip counting by 8 set to “Dynamite” by BTS, counting by 7 to “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus; learning elapsed time set to “It’s About Damn Time” by Lizzo; learning about angles set to “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by the Backstreet Boys; counting by 3 to “Good 4 U” by Olivia Rodrigo; and counting by 9 set to “Mine (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift.

If there’s a Blank Space for the next Teacher of the Year Award, someone needs to write in Mr. C’s name for his amazing efforts and out-of-the-box teaching!

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