The nation's fitness goals for 2023 revealed

The nation's fitness goals for 2023 revealed

This year, Brits are more focused than ever on getting active – with up to three quarters of the population planning to set some sort of fitness goal for the new year, according to a new study.

The 2,000 people-wide survey, commissioned by sports nutrition brand Optimum Nutrition, reveals that fitness goal-setting is proving to be popular this year.

Holistic health is the key focus for intention setting, with physical and mental health making it to the top ten list of new year fitness resolutions.

For example, nearly two thirds of those asked (61%) wanted to improve their overall health while 70% were keen to learn more about nutrition in the new year.

The top ten fitness resolutions set by Brits in 2023:

Improving overall health – 61%

Losing weight – 61%

Feeling better about myself – 45%

Improving energy levels – 38%

Building muscle – 35%

Improving nutrition – 33%

Improving or maintaining mental health – 33%

Assisting with medical conditions – 13%

Being a role model for children – 10%

Gaining weight – 9%

There were also concerns about how healthy people currently are, with half of those surveyed saying they would be ‘out of breath’ if they ran for a bus or train.

People are also looking to turn to fitness to manage health conditions – with 13% wanting to manage their blood pressure and diabetes through a healthier lifestyle.

Six in ten also felt that there’s a lack of representation in fitness role models – with 43% of respondents wishing for a better range of age groups.

Only 27% of those surveyed felt happy with existing representation in the fitness industry.

Nutrition is also on the minds of many – as a quarter of people want to reduce or remove takeaways while one in five respondents plan to take supplements alongside healthy, fulfilling meals.

The survey is part of the ‘There’s More in All of Us’ campaign.

This features content from athletes across the sporting world – from football to Paralympic swimming.

‘Optimum Nutrition is on a mission to challenge what fitness looks like and ensure that role models are representative and there to inspire everyone,’ says Clafoutie Sintive, marketing director for UK and Ireland at Glanbia Performance Nutrition.

‘We believe there’s more in all of us and throughout 2023 we will be sharing stories from a broad spectrum of people, including our diverse athletes and coaches to inspire people to go beyond stereotypes and unlock more from their fitness, achieving more than they ever thought possible.’

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