The fight against Corona: Top-infections Lodge in favour of infections to allow

The fight against Corona: Top-infections Lodge in favour of infections to allow

The Coronavirus pandemic, keeps the world in breath. More than 6.8 million people with the novel pathogen, Sars have already CoV-2 infected – 183.776 of them so far in Germany.

Covid-19-News from Germany and around the world – the top stories: the fight against Corona: Streeck argues in favour of infections to allow (10.50 PM) Corona-Pay in the USA to rise again rapidly (07.26 PM) Maas makes announcement of German tourists and the destination countries (07.19 PM) Corona-new infections are declining in Germany under 300, but the R-value rises again – no state, without new cases (20.28 PM)

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The fight against Corona: Streeck argues in favour of infections to allow

In the fight against the Corona pandemic, the virologist Hendrik Streeck sees a Chance during the summer months. It could possibly be a part of immunity in the population built up, the weaker the further course of the pandemic, said the Bonn-based Professor of the German press Agency. "We should erlauben&quot over the summer a bit more courage;, so Streeck.

Currently, studies showed that up to 81 percent of the infections were asymptomatic. That is, the Infected have no or hardly any symptoms. "The number of Covid-19-on the intensive care units rückläufig&quot is Ill currently;, Streeck said. "There is a Chance that we can increase over the summer, the number of persons with partial immunity." The hope that a vaccine could prove to be deceptive. So you should be prepared to live with the Virus. dpa/Federico Gambarini/dpa , Hendrik Streeck.

"What we see is that even people with asymptomatic gradients immunity or partial immunity aufbauen", Streeck explained. "We don’t know yet if it is a protective immunity, but they build at least antibodies against the Virus, and since one can assume that the results in at least a part of the protection. If we now during the summer months, such infections allow, then we build up a gradual immunity in the society, and then at the end of those protects, the also a more severe course have can."

Interesting he thought, also, that the day-care centres in the Netherlands had already opened five weeks ago, and this had not led to larger outbreaks. The need, therefore, to be feared by the Opening of day-care centres and schools appears to be no worsening of the pandemic.

Streeck also explained further results from its "Heinsberg-Studie", which were developed together with hygienists at the University hospital of Bonn under the direction of Ricarda schmithausen. Accordingly, the analysis of samples from quarantine provided households in the town of Gangelt, in which the Coronavirus had spread to a carnival meeting in the spring, quickly that surfaces play in the Transmission, apparently only a minor role.

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