Netherlands: thousands of Minks are killed for Corona

Netherlands: thousands of Minks are killed for Corona

The Coronavirus pandemic, keeps the world in breath. More than 6.8 million people with the novel pathogen, Sars have already CoV-2 infected – 183.776 of them so far in Germany.

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Netherlands: thousands of Minks are killed for Corona

After Corona-outbreaks in a number of mink farms, the Dutch authorities want to kill several thousand animals. In a breeding facility in Deurne in the South of the country killing more than 1500 animals on Saturday have begun, said Frederique Hermie, spokeswoman for the authority for food and veterinary safety, the AFP news Agency. Two animal rights groups had gone on the Thursday before court, in order to prevent the measure, but their claim was rejected on Friday evening. dpa/Holger Hollemann/dpa A mink in a wildlife station.

According to Hermie, the mink to be continued killings in a further nine mink farms in the coming week. The animals are killed according to their data, with carbon monoxide. The Dutch agriculture Ministry announced on Wednesday, "more than 10,000 Nerze" to kill in those farms, where the Corona-cases had occurred, in order to prevent further virus spread.

The authorities had announced in may that two of lung disease Covid-19 contracted employees of mink farms located "very wahrscheinlich" in the case of the animals got infected. According to the world health organization (WHO) could the "the first known cases of a Übertragung" the novel Coronavirus is of animal-to-human act.


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