Tan France Jokes About His Distaste for His Son Ismail's Latest Obsession

Tan France Jokes About His Distaste for His Son Ismail's Latest Obsession

Tan France is lamenting over his 2-year-old son’s latest toy obsession, and it’s as hilariously dramatic as it sounds.

During a new interview with People, the Queer Eye star revealed Ismail’s favorite thing to play with at the moment: monster trucks. “Let me tell you, these two gay men have managed to raise a very masculine child who’s only about trucks,” France joked about himself and his husband Rob.

“He is all about monster trucks, and so I’m constantly stepping on damn monster trucks.” We can practically feel the unique pain of a tiny toy pressing into the bottom of our feet — the sheer memory of the uncomfortable sensation is enough to make us cringe.

The dad of two quipped, “Do I like monster trucks? Hate them. But my house is now full of boy things because he’s obsessed.”

France touched on another aspect of parenthood that’s become a recent challenge as well: the “terrible twos.” Shortly after the fashion authority and his husband welcomed their newborn son Isacc in May, Ismail entered the toddler phase that torments all parents of 2-year-olds.

“Just overnight, something happened — we were like, ‘Who is this guy?’” France shared. “He just decided that he had an opinion on everything. And then at the same time, my baby — the first week or so, babies, they kind of just are a blob you feed — three weeks in, they start to wake up the world, they start to cry more. They’re a little more dramatic,” the 40-year-old explained of the whirlwind that is caring for a toddler and infant.

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The couple welcomed both sons via surrogate, an experience France has heralded after the births of Ismail and Isaac. The Next in Fashion host called the act of surrogacy “the greatest gift one could ever give” in his sweet Instagram announcement of the newborn’s arrival, and he’s been an outspoken advocate for the modern method of having a child. In fact, surrogacy is one of several parenting-related issues France has become a spokesperson for since entering his fatherhood era, and we simply love to see it.

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