Stacey Solomon shares tasty recipe for chocolate caramel apples

Stacey Solomon shares tasty recipe for chocolate caramel apples

Erm, can we go round Stacey Solomon‘s house for snack time, please? The Loose Women panellist just showed off her chocolate caramel apples on her Instagram Stories and now our mouths are watering.

The star shared two clips of herself and her sons making the sweet treat together, and it looks so much fun! It’s a bit like Halloween toffee apples but even more indulgent – plus you don’t have to wait until 31 October.

Stacey’s recipe is super simple: “Slice apple, dip in chocolate, swoosh caramel, add nuts/sprinkles,” she told her followers.

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The clip showed the star dipping a thinly sliced piece of apple on a kebab stick into a bowl of melted chocolate, before swirling tinned caramel over it artistically – what could be simpler?

The former X Factor singer, who shares a son with her partner, actor Joe Swash, added: “I love them. So easy and so much fun for the boys. If you can keep the stalk on when slicing them they look even better. If not push the stick all the way through so it looks like a stalk!”

We’re definitely trying this tasty-looking recipe.

Stacey often shares her culinary creations on her social media pages; in August she wowed us with her watermelon sorbet, which she carved into fun cactus shapes for her children.

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Stacey and her sons

The mum-of-three made the sorbet by first scooping out the watermelon flesh and liquidising it, then freezing in a dish before shaping the fruit skin into little cactus shapes, which she fixed to the ‘watermelon bowls’ with cocktail sticks.

Stacey got Joe in on the sorbet making, revealing: “Had to get Hoe (her affectionate name for him) to scrape the sorbet it was so frozen.” The star then filled the watermelon skins with some berries and added balls of sorbet.

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