Sharna Burgess Claps Back at Mom-Shamers for Attacking Her With the Same Criticism Unleashed on Megan Fox

Sharna Burgess Claps Back at Mom-Shamers for Attacking Her With the Same Criticism Unleashed on Megan Fox

Sharna Burgess is not having it when it comes to being mom-shamed — especially when it comes to misogynistic, homophobic takes on gender roles.

The Dancing with the Stars pro, who shares 1-year-old son Zane with her boyfriend Brian Austin Green, uploaded a heated video on her Instagram Story after she posted a photo of the little boy with his hair tied up in a pink scrunchie.

Overlayed on the clip is an IG question box with “Are you going to let Zanes hair grow long like his brothers” written inside it. The inquiry references the three sons Green shares with Megan Fox and the criticism the ex-couple has faced numerous times throughout the years regarding their boys’ hair and clothing choices being styles traditionally lauded as for girls only.

“I’ve had some people in my DMs that were so passionately angry at me for doing that,” Burgess began. “I had someone comment on the fact that his hair tie this morning is pink.” The 38-year-old called out the weird fixation on what’s “appropriate” for boys versus girls, saying, “I don’t get this whole ‘Pink is for girls’ and me putting a pink hair tie [doesn’t] symbolize anything.”

She continued, “I don’t get this whole ‘Long hair is feminine or for girls.’ I mean, I’m sorry, have you seen Jason Momoa? I need to do a post of all the men that majority of women, and probably majority of men, find attractive and so many of them have long hair,” Burgess vexed — and she’s totally right, though a man doesn’t need to be seen as good-looking for his long hair to be acceptable and not a point of public commentary.

Calling out all the double standards, the mom of one (rightfully) ranted, “Like, it is just wild to me that when it’s kids, it’s like we’re pushing some agenda on them. It’s so f—king dumb!”

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Burgess wrapped up the video by asserting that she is “absolutely letting” Zane grow out his “beautiful baby hair.” In the caption, she wrote that she felt “annoyed at ignorant, narrow-minded ppl and their dumb comments” — and we don’t blame her at all.

Gender roles have always been a super controversial topic thanks to the deeply ingrained patriarchal ideology the world has historically been steamrolled by, and the pushback from misogynistic, homophobic people has only gotten more intense as the movement for social equality on all fronts has picked up speed. People feel threatened by the idea that gender is fluid and doesn’t actually indicate how manly or feminine a person is.

In this case, weirdos were triggered by a pink hair tie and the length of an infant’s hair and felt the need to tell Burgess exactly how wrong she is for allowing such an atrocity, because hE’s A bOY. Yep. Go ahead and let out that sigh of frustration about the never-ending stupidity of it all. We’re heaving one, too.

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