Quantmetry also uses SimpleSlideInterface by 3DHISTECH

Quantmetry also uses SimpleSlideInterface by 3DHISTECH

3DHISTECH is thrilled to announce its recent collaboration with Quantmetry.

Image Credit: 3DHISTECH

Digital slide scanners and slide databases have enabled the processing and evaluation of large amounts of high-resolution data sets with AI algorithms in the field of digital pathology.

However, this is only possible if we provide simple interfaces for researchers and medics.

Quantmetry – part of Capgemini Invent, the Bicêtre Hospital AP-HP and INSERM with the help of SimpleSlideInterface (SSI) by 3DHISTECH, can not only execute detection and segmentation models platform-independently but also visualize the results in the 3DHISTECH infrastructure in the form of annotations.

The latest Deep Learning innovation is an example of our perfect match and the importance of linking digital pathology systems and AI algorithms. To count nerve fibers in skin biopsies, they have built an automated process for immediate analysis after scanning with the least human intervention.



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