Q&A: Paxlovid to the rescue? What to know about the COVID-19 drug

Q&A: Paxlovid to the rescue? What to know about the COVID-19 drug


What is Paxlovid exactly, and how does it work?

A chief goal of medications for outpatients is to prevent hospitalization and death. How good is Paxlovid at that goal?

Another goal of these therapies is to speed recovery. How does Paxlovid rate at that job?

Is that lack of evidence why Paxlovid is not recommended for everyone?

Some people with just one risk factor, especially if it’s just being in their 50s, can have a harder time deciding whether to take Paxlovid. How do you advise those people?

As far as side effects, much concern appears to center around the rebound effect. What is the rebound effect, how common is it, and how would you weigh that concern?

What do medical scientists think causes the Paxlovid rebound? Some reports have suggested the dosage time might need to be extended.

Another often talked about side effect is a metallic taste in the mouth. What’s behind that odd effect?

What are other drug options similar to Paxlovid, and how do they compare?

What does the landscape look like for new, better COVID medications that have fewer side effects and contraindications?

What else is on the horizon for new therapies?

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