Pharrell Just Launched Two New Skin-Care Products

Pharrell Just Launched Two New Skin-Care Products

In November of 2020, Allure exclusively revealed Humanrace, a then-new brand from rapper and producer Pharrell Williams. The brand made its skin-care debut with three staple face products: the Rice Powder Cleanser, Lotus Enzyme Exfoliant, and Humidifying Cream, made with exfoliation and hydration at top of mind. One year later — almost to the day — Pharrell is expanding Humanrace's offerings to include body care. 

The two newest members of the Humanrace family are the Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar ($16) and the Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar ($18), both of which will be available from the brand on November 22. Much like the brand's face products, the body bars focus on oil control and exfoliation — without putting skin through the wringer. 

The Humanrace Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar (left) and Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar (right).

While the jojoba oil and shea butter of the Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar keep the skin soft and supple, moisture-binding snow mushroom extract keeps it hydrated from the inside-out — New York City board-certified dermatologist Dendy Engleman, M.D., previously told Allure that snow mushroom's particle size is even smaller than that of hyaluronic acid, allowing it to absorb into the skin's layers more easily. And, as its name suggests, the kaolin clay within absorbs dirt and oil to leave behind fresh-feeling skin. 

The Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar also features jojoba oil and shea butter for moisturization but swaps clay and mushroom for charcoal and rice powders. Charcoal, as Connecticut-based board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, M.D., previously told Allure, "sucks up everything by electrically drawing out bacteria, dirt, and oil from skin." Meanwhile, rice powder serves as a lightly textured physical exfoliant, which can gently slough off dead skin cells and promote regeneration. 

An added bonus: because these body washes come in bar form, they come without plastic packaging. When you inevitably try them for yourself, just be sure to store them in a place where they can dry down away from pooling water to prevent bacteria from gathering — like Humanrace's $75 Body Bar Ceramic Dish, which you can also catch on the brand's website now. 

The Humanrace Body Bars retail from $16 to $18 and are available starting November 22 from 

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