Parents, Grandparents, & Pet Parents Are Obsessed With This Hip Carrier That Is 'Literally an Extra Hand' & It's 20% off Now

Parents, Grandparents, & Pet Parents Are Obsessed With This Hip Carrier That Is 'Literally an Extra Hand' & It's 20% off Now

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When it comes to newborns, looks can be deceiving. They’re so itty bitty! How can it be hard to carry them around?! Go ahead, grab the itty bitty baby in your life and set a stopwatch to see how long it takes for them to go from feeling like a sack of flour to a sack of potatoes. Every parent knows how quickly the burn sets in and how much of a workout it can be to carry an infant around all day (or even just for 10 minutes).

And so we were obsessed when we found the Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier that helps you *ahem* take a load off. The ergonomic seat straps around your hips and evenly distributes your baby’s weight so you can comfortably carry them for longer periods of time. It’s easier on your arms, hips, and back, and shoppers are raving about it.

“It has been a week since receiving it and I have used it [breastfeeding in public],” one person said. “Standing or sitting it is amazing!!! It is literally an extra hand for me to adjust the swaddle blanket to cover her while she’s eating…This has helped out my back tremendously! I even let one of the dads at a baseball game try it out because he was carrying his 4-year-old and he kept putting her down and picking her up. He loved it and so did his daughter since he didn’t get tired of holding her.”

The hip seat is not as hands-free as a structured baby carrier or sling, but it’s easier less restrictive, and more versatile. The seat can be used in various positions — from holding your baby on your hip to propping them up in front of you for feeding — and shoppers are getting creative with who they use it for.

“I like to carry [my 8-month-old grandson] around sometimes,” one person said. ” [To] get the mail, look at the flowers outside, and stand around the house. The weight is now on the Tushbaby, not my grandma back. Love this invention!!!”

“I know your Tush Baby isn’t intended for dogs, but I knew it would really help to carry my 12 lb poodle mix when we’re out walking and she’s gotten too hot in high humidity, for example,” another said. “Resting her on it, with just one of my arms holding her is HUGELY HELPFUL!! — Thank you for the idea. IT’S TRULY BRILLIANT & incredibly WELL MADE!!”

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The hip seat carrier also has pockets for diapers, keys, pacifiers, and more, and we never say no to storage! “It’s so convenient that I use it as my purse half the time,” said one shopper who has been out more times in the week since she got the carrier than she had in the past 8 months. “I ended up buying two…It’s a must-have.” And if you don’t need more storage (teach us your ways!), the Tushbaby Lite Hip Seat Carrier is “lite” on pockets and is slimmer overall.

Oh, and did we mention it’s currently on sale?!

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