Nuance launches new AI-powered and cloud-based speech recognition solution in the Nordics

Nuance launches new AI-powered and cloud-based speech recognition solution in the Nordics

Physicians nowadays spend about twice as much time entering or re-entering data into computers than they do interacting with patients, causing what the president of the World Medical Association has called a “pandemic of physician burnout,” with 51% of physicians reporting frequent or constant feelings of exhaustion and fatigue.

An international study showed that physicians in Sweden are among the most overburdened of the 11 countries included in the study, with about 65 percent reporting that their work is very or extremely stressful. Swedish physicians also reported the most dissatisfaction with their workloads. Now in times of COVID-19, the pressure has increased, and the digitalisation of the healthcare system is more important than ever.

More time for patient care

The new AI-based speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One by Nuance Healthcare, helps physicians produce clinical documentation up to 45 percent faster and capture up to 20 percent more relevant data using personalised tools on a wide range of workstations and mobile devices. Doctors can document care efficiently from any location and gain more time to spend on patient care. They open the application, choose the section they want to document, and start speaking to update the EHR.

“The burden on clinicians today is of great concern. The burnout caused by the constantly changing administrative requirements is at an all-time high,” says AnnMarie Löfberg, Regional Marketing Manager from Nuance Healthcare. “By empowering clinicians with the ability to use their voice to document rather than typing into an EHR, can help freeing them up to concentrate more on their patients, to enhance documentation’s quality and support the communication between care teams”.

The biggest enabler

Dragon Medical One is hosted in the Microsoft Azure-certified hosting infrastructure. Users benefit from secure and responsive performance across their choice of devices and automatically gain access to version updates via the cloud.

“The ability to handle data efficiently is the biggest enabler for improved quality in healthcare. Cloud solutions and AI are important to successfully automate processes and routines that free-up time for healthcare professionals, which they can spend on their patients instead. Nuance Dragon Medical One is a great example of how digitalisation can create new opportunities in healthcare,” says Jennica Andersson, head of public sector at Microsoft Sweden.

Cloud-based, GDPR-compliant clinical speech recognition for documenting care in the EHR

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