Deeper Insights launches COVID-19 research app

Deeper Insights launches COVID-19 research app

UK data analytics and AI specialists Deeper Insights have launched a free research discovery app to keep medical professionals abreast of recent data on COVID-19. The ‘Covid Insights’ app will act as a centralised database for all research papers produced around COVID-19, enabling clinicians to find the information they need on the virus quickly and efficiently.


As thousands of new scientific articles are published about COVID-19 every week, tech start-up Deeper Insights have stepped forward to ease medical professionals’ access to up-to-date information on the virus. The Covid Insights app, available on all web or mobile browsers, functions as an AI-powered search engine that helps users identify relevant scientific literature on the virus upon inputting keywords and phrases.

The platform utilises the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset, or CORD-19, to navigate over 128,000 scientific research papers that have been produced on the virus since January 2020. It uses machine learning along a knowledge graph to establish the relevance of results. These are then aligned to the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) Metaontolgy, ensuring full clinical understanding through a standardised medical language.

Covid Insights can identify links between symptoms, drugs and other factors and supports the provision of top quality care by medical professionals by ensuring they are appropriately informed about recent insights into the virus.

The resource provides direct digital links to the original scientific papers to enable further study and has a newsletter capacity.

The service is supported by a number of high-profile medical professionals, the Amazon Partner Network and will be initially circulated through Hospify, the NHS-approved clinical messaging app, as well as through a UK-wide network of clinicians.


The unprecedented nature of the pandemic has catalysed a great deal of research and medical advancement across the globe as scientists try to understand the complexities of the virus. This includes alternative research methods to track symptoms and new testing techniques. The ability to harness data breakthroughs swiftly could radically improve the treatment and containment of the disease.


Jack Hampson, founder and CEO of Deeper Insights, said: “Deeper Insights has the technology to powerfully machine-read and analyse a vast array of research data. With the help of a consortium of technology and healthcare professionals, we have been able to develop and build the Covid Insights platform in just 6 weeks so that medical professionals can get easy access to the huge volume of valuable data contained within these research papers to aid learning and knowledge sharing.”

Dr Matt Morgan, critical care research lead for Wales and supporter of the project, said: “The Covid Insights platform has the potential to change the way that research is discovered, assessed and accessed for the benefits of science and medicine.”

James Flint, CEO of Hospify, added: “We can see real benefits for clinical decision support from the Covid Insights platform, so we believe it is both timely and important to promote this to Hospify’s network of clinicians, many of whom urgently need trusted sources of information on the frontline.”

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