Mindy Kaling on How Hiding Her Second Pregnancy 'Was Kind of Easy': 'I Never Got Super Huge'

Mindy Kaling on How Hiding Her Second Pregnancy 'Was Kind of Easy': 'I Never Got Super Huge'

Mindy Kaling may have flown totally under the radar with her second pregnancy, but she didn't have to work that hard to do so.

In a new interview with Elle, the multi-hyphenate screen star admits it "was not too bad" to keep her baby on the way (son Spencer, whom she welcomed on Sept. 3) a secret, considering she "was not going anywhere like everybody else," amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, "nobody found me out. So that was kind of easy," continues Kaling, 41. "And then just being at home and taking photos, I'd largely just kind of shot around my pregnancy."

"Shot myself from the waist up and then also wore baggy things," explains the Never Have I Ever co-creator. "I never got super huge, so it was a little bit easier."

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Kaling goes on to say that it's "so funny" to experience "the difference between having a first child and a second child," in terms of how her loved ones reacted to Spencer's arrival.

"The first time it was like every person in my life came out of the woodwork to send gifts and cards and notes and emails. And then once you have a second kid, everyone's like, 'You're fine. You're okay,' " she continues. "It's definitely more of a muted excitement from everyone in my life. Which, by the way, makes total sense, particularly during a pandemic."

As far as whether The Office alum has noticed a difference between having a boy and a girl (she's also mom to daughter Katherine "Kit" Swati, who turns 3 next month), "No, not yet," she tells Elle.

"I mean, he's still so little. I think he's like seven weeks old so I haven't really seen what his personality is going to be like, but I do know that my daughter really likes the fact that he's a boy," Kaling explains. "I think she feels a little bit less competitive."

Kit was definitely excited to become a big sister but, as Kaling recalls, "When I told her she was going to have a little brother, she didn't understand he was going to come out a baby. I think she thought he was going to come out 2 years old, like her."

So naturally, Kit did what any toddler would do if she felt like her territory was about to be split 50/50: stake a claim on her belongings.

"The day before I went to the hospital, she was hiding all of her toys. That was her big thing," says the new mother of two. "We'd be like, 'Kit, where's your Elmo?' And we found it stuffed under the bed because she was hiding it so her brother wouldn't take it."

"She was delighted when she found out he was so little and would not be interested in playing with toys for a long, long time," Kaling adds. "Now she's really on board with it."

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