Midwifes warning on leaving house with young babies – as three-week old dies

Midwifes warning on leaving house with young babies – as three-week old dies

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This summer, a couple were distraught when their three-week-old baby died after attending a family festival.

On August 19, Staffordshire police officers were called to Camp Bestival, Weston Park, at 12.37am after reports of an ill child.

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson said the baby “was treated at the scene and taken to hospital in a critical condition”.

Sadly, the baby died a short time later, but “enquiries are ongoing to determine the circumstances of the death”.

While not wanting to comment on this specific case, Midwife Pip did want to share her expertise around caring for a newborn.

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“When babies get too hot they are at greater risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome),” said Midwife Pip.

“So monitoring the temperature of the room they sleep in and dressing them appropriately is important.”

Midwife Pip added: “A room temperature of 16 to 20 degrees Celsius is optimal and hats don’t need to be worn inside.

“As young babies cannot regulate their temperature it is best to feel the back of their neck.

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“If they feel sweaty then remove a layer of clothing as they are too hot.”

Midwife Pip also has advice for when you are going on a long car journey with a newborn.

“When travelling in a car with a newborn baby, it is recommended to not have them in a car seat for more than two hours at a time.”

Midwife Pip said it’s crucial to “take regular breaks where you take them out of the car seat”.

The expert added: “If they change position or become slumped in the car seat you should readjust their position straight away.”

Midwife Pip, who has had over a decade of experience in the field, shared another important tip for parents or carers.

“Whilst it is OK for a baby to fall asleep in a car seat, when arriving at your destination you should take your baby out of the car seat and onto a firm, flat surface to sleep.”

As for the safest place for babies (up to six months old) to sleep, Midwife Pip said this should be in a “cot or Moses basket on a firm, flat mattress in the same room as their parent or carer”.

Midwife Pip is an experienced, practicing Midwifery Sister, MSc graduate, founder of Midwife Pip Podcast, Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Educator, co-author of published research and, importantly, a mum.

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